F12C20C – 12A, 200V, Rectifier, Diode

This is a kind of rectifier. F12C20C Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : F12C20C

Package information : TO-220AB Type

Functions : 12A, 200V, Fast Recovery Rectifier (Diode)

Manufactures : MOSFET, Thinki Semiconductor


F12C20C diode rectifier

Description :

Designed for use in switching power supplies. inverters and as free wheeling diodes.

Pin arrangement :

F12C20C datasheet pinout

The texts in the PDF file :


1. Glass Passivated chip junctions
2. Low Reverse Leakage Current
3. Fast Switching for High Efficiency
4. 150℃ Operating Junction Temperature
5. Low Stored Charge Majority Carrier Conduction
6. Low Forward Voltage , High Current Capability
7. Plastic Material used Carries Underwriters Laboratory
8. Flammability Classification 94V-O
9. Pb free
10.In compliance with EU RoHs directives

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F12C20C Diode PDF File