D1557 – VCBO = 1700V, Power NPN Transistor

Part number : D1557, 3DD1557

Functions :  Low frequency amplification bipolar transistor

Package information : TO-3P(H)IS Type

Manufacturer : Jilin Sino-Microelectronics



Product Information

D1557 is a high back pressure NPN bipolar power transistor, manufacturing The main technology employed: high-pressure technology mesa, triplet Diffusion of technology, the use of plastic full encapsulation structure.

Application: color TV line output circuit

Pinout :
D1557 datasheet pinout


1. High voltage: VCBO = 1700V
2. Saturation pressure drop: VCE (sat) = 1V (max.)
3. High switching speed: tf = 0.8μS (max.)
4. High reliability
5. Environmental protection (RoHS) products


Reference site :



D1557 Datasheet PDF


D1557 pdf


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