CYT1000B PDF – LED IC Chip – CYT Opto Electronic

Part number : CYT1000B

Function : High PF linear constant current LED IC chip

Package : TO-252-2 Type

Manufacturer : CYT Opto-Electronic Technology ( )


CYT1000B image

Product Information

CYT1000B is a linear constant current IC, the output current is adjustable, high precision of constant current, simple application solutions, cost and resistance capacity of step-down, over temperature protection function, safer and more reliable.

1. Output  current  is  adjustable  5mA-60mA, constant current precision can reach ±3%
2. With  over  temperature protection function
3. No EMC Question
4. Chip  and  PCB  can  share Aluminum plate
5. The  circuit  is  simple,  low cost

CYT1000B datasheet

CYT1000B Datasheet PDF