CS4N60F – 600V N-ch Power MOSFET – Wuxi

Part number : CS4N60F

Functions : 600V, 4A, Silicon N-Channel Power MOSFET

Manufacturer : Wuxi China

CS4N60F Image

Pinout :
CS4N60F Datasheet PDF Pinout


Functions :

CS4N60F A9HD, the silicon N-channel Enhanced VDMOSFET s, is obtained by the self-aligned planar T echnology which reduce the conduction loss, improve switching performance and enhance the avalanche ener gy . The transistor can be used in various power switching circuit for system miniaturization and hi gher ef ficiency . The package form is TO-220F , which accords with the RoHS standard.


*  Fast Switching
*  ESD Improved Capability
*  Low Gate Charge  (Typical Data: 14.5nC)
* Low Reverse transfer capacitances(Typical: 8.5pF)

CS4N60F Datasheet PDF Download

CS4N60F pdf

Other data sheets within the file : CS4N60, CS4N60FA9HD

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