C4074G Datasheet – Quad Operation Amplifier

Part number : C4074G, uPC4074C, upC4074G2

Functions : J-FET Input Low-Noise Quad Operation Amplifier

Package : DIP 14 pin, SOP 14 pin  type

Manufacturer : NEC Electronics


C4074G operational ampifier


The uPC4074 is a J-FET input operational amplifier. This product is designed as low noise version of the PC4084. The features of the C4074G are more improved input equivalent noise voltage, input offset voltage and input bias current than those of uPC4084. By these features, the uPC4074 is excellent choice for wide variety of applications including audio preamplifier and active filter.


C4074G pinout datasheet


1. Low noise: en = 17 nV/ Hz (TYP.)
2. Very low input bias and offset currents
3. Output short circuit protection
4. High input impedance…J-FET Input stage
5. Internal frequency compensation
6. High slew rate…13 V/μs (TYP.)


C4074G PDF Datasheet