BT2323M PDF – BoomTech

Part number : BT2323M

Functions : 6-Channel Audio Selector IC

Manufacturer : Boomtech

Package information : 28 Pin Type

Image :
BT2323M image

Functions :

6-channel audio input selector (6-Channel Audio Selector IC) VCC: 4.5-9V;

offers four stereo and a set of six channel input;

6 channel built-in 2-channel low-frequency converter and vice low pass filter;

I2C control interface. Package information DIP-28 SOP-28.

BT2323M datasheet

PT2323 = BT2323M

BT2323M Datasheet PDF
BT2323M pdf

Reference site :


PT2323 Datasheet PDF

PT2323 is a 6-Channel Audio Selector utilizing CMOS Technology specially designed for Home Theater System. It provides a built-in 2-Channel to6-Channel Translator, which can directly mix traditional stereo channel to simulate a 6-Channel audio output. Single power supply (9V), I2C Bus Interface as well as very low Total Harmonic Distortion (THD < 0.005%) and other features are incorporated into a single chip thereby providing very high performance. Pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB layout and cost saving advantages.

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