BK3231Q – 56-pin QFN, Bluetooth HID SoC – Beken

Part number : BK3231Q

Functions : Bluetooth HID SoC

Package information : 56-pin QFN 7mmx7mm

Manufacturer : Beken Corporation


BK3231Q Bluetooth HID SoC

( BK3231Q )

Product Information

The BK3231Q chip is a highly integrated single-chip Bluetooth HID device. It integrates the high-performance transceiver, rich features baseband processor, and Bluetooth HID profile.


1. Operation voltage from 2.8 V to 3.6 V
2. Bluetooth 2.1 compliant
3.  -88dBm sensitivity for 1 Mbps mode and 2 dBm transmit power
4.  HID v1.0
5. 16 MHz crystal reference clock


The next diagram shows QFN56 format for the full functions usage.It can be used as keyboard TX part and total 35 GPIO available.

BK3231Q datasheet pdf pinout

BK3231Q Datasheet PDF


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