BISS0001 PDF – Micro Power PIR Motion Detector IC

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Part number : BISS0001

Functions : Micro Power PIR Motion Detector IC

Package information : DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufactures : Silvan Chip Electronics Tech ( )


BISS0001 PIR Motion Detector


This ic is a PIR ( passive infra-red ) controller, using analog mixing digital design technique analog mixing digital design technique and manufactures by CMOS process. With special noise immunity technique, BISS0001 is the most stable PIR controller you can find on the market. More than this, there are few components needed in its application circuit which can reduce material cost increase competitive.

Pinout :

BISS0001 pinout datasheet


1. Low power CMOS technology (idealfor battery operated PIR devices)
2. CMOS highinputimpedance operational amplifiers
3. Bi-directional level detector /Excellentnoise immunity
4. Built-inPower updisable & outputpulse control logic
5. Dual mode : retriggerable & non-retriggerable


BISS0001 Circuit Datasheet PDF


BISS0001 Datasheet PDF Download

BISS0001 pdf