ANA618 PDF – Solar lawn Controller

Part number : ANA618

Functions : Solar Lawn Light / LED Controller, Minimal  external  components,  use  of only one inductor and ease of production.

1. Rechargeable battery: Single Rechargeable battery power
2. Applicable LED: Various colors of LEDs

Pinout :
ANA618 datasheet


Circuit :

ANA618 Circuit

ANA618 Datasheet PDF

The main advantage of this solar lawn device is that it uses green and clean solar energy to function. In the daytime, as sunlight falls on solar cells, the light energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in batteries. In the evening, the illumination of the lawn is provided by the LED (light emitting diode) which is powered by the charged battery.

ANA618 is main advantage is that it is safe, energy-saving, convenient and environmentally friendly. The Solar Lawn Controller ANA618 is developed based on requirements of a solar-powered lawn lamp. It is specially designed, using the TO-94 package with the need for very few external components, thus enhancing the ease of production. The controller has a high conversion efficiency of between 85 to 90% (typical). Hence, this efficiency reduces the power requirements of a solar panel. Moreover, the output current can be adjusted and the current consistency is good.


ANA618 Datasheet PDF
ANA618 pdf


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