YD8207 – Dual Audio Power Amplifier

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Part number : YD8207

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Dual Audio Power Amplifier.

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Package information :

Manufacturer : Wuxi Youda Electronics

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YD8207 Datasheet PDF

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m o .c CIRCUIT YOUDA INTEGRATED YD8207 U 4 t e e h AUDIO POWER AMPLIFIER-YD8207 DUAL S a t a D . DESCRIPTION w w YD8207 is an audio power IC with built-in two channels developed for portable radio cassette tape recorder. wBecause of the parts reduction and SIP(Single In line Package), space merit is remarkable. Thermal shut down protection circuit is built in. FEATURES *High Power: Po(1)=2.5W/CH(Typ.) (Vcc=9V, RL=4Ω, f=1kHz, THD=10%) Po(2)=4.6W/CH(Typ.) (Vcc=12V, RL=4Ω, f=1kHz, THD=10%) *Low popping noise at power ON. *Small quiescent current: Iccq=19mA(Typ.) (Vcc=9V, Vin=0) *Soft clip *Built-in thermal shut down protection circuit *Operation supply voltage range: Vcc=6V¡« 15V *Best for supply voltage: 9V or 12V BLOCK DIAGRAM m o .c U 4 t e e h WuXi YouDa Electronics Co., Ltd S a tJiangsu China Add: No.5 Xijin Road, National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Wuxi a Tel: 86-510-5205117 86-510-5205108 Fax: 86-510-5205110 Website: www.e-youda.com D . SHENZHEN OFFICE Tel£º 86-755-83740369 13823533350 Fax£º 86-755-83741418 w w Ver 3.1 1 of 3 2004-9-20 w m o .c U 4 t e e h S a t a .D w w w + + _ _ Vstb 3 FIL 4 GND 9 1 2 5 6 7 8 10 11 Vcc 12 YOUDA INTEGRATED CIRCUIT ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS £¨ PARAMETER Supply Voltage Output Peak Current Power Dissipation Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Tamb=25¡æ£© VALUE 20 2.5 12.5 -20¡« -55¡« +75 +150 YD8207 SYMBOL VCC Iop PD Topr Tstg UNIT V A W ¡æ ¡æ ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Unless otherwise specified, VCC=9V, RL=4¦¸ PARAMETER Quiescent Current Output Power Total Harmonic Distortion Voltage Gain Input Resistance Output Noise Voltage Ripple Rejection Ratio Cross Talk Input Offset Voltage Standby Current SYMBOL Iccq Po THD GV Zi VNO RR CT V5,V7 ISBY Rg=0 BW=20Hz¡« 20kHz f=100Hz Rg=600Ω Vr=0.2Vrms Rg=600Ω, f=1kHz, Vo =0dBm , Rg=600¦¸ , f=1kHz, Tamb=25¡æ£© TEST CONDITIONS Vin=0 THD=10%£¬ Vcc=12V, THD=10% Po=1W/CH Rf=120Ω Vo=0dBm 43 2.0 MIN TYP 19 2.5 W 4.6 0.2 45 56 30 0.3 [ … ]

YD8207 PDF File

Information related to components

Driver LM8207 - LM8207 TFT 18 Gamma Buffer + VCOM Driver + Voltage Reference (Rev. A) - Ti

Texas Instruments

Transistor TPC8207 - TOSHIBA Field Effect Transistor Silicon N Channel MOS Type (U-MOSIII) - Toshiba

Toshiba Semiconductor

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