WA04X472JTL – Generay Purpose Chip Resistors Array

WA04X472JTL Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : WA04X472JTL

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Generay Purpose Chip Resistors Array.

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Manufacturer : Walsin Technology

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WA04X472JTL Datasheet PDF

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Walsin Technology Corporation WA04X ±5%, Convex Type General purpose chip resistors array Size 0402×4 Customer : Approval No : Issue Date : Customer Approval : Page 1 of 7 WA04X Version 18 Nov.-2006 Walsin Technology Corporation FEATURE 1. Small size and light weight 2. Reduced size of final equipment 3. Lower surface mounted assembly costs 4. Higher component and equipment reliability 5. Lead (Pb) free product is available APPLICATION • • • Consumer electrical equipment, PDA, Digital Camcoder, EDP, Computer application Mobile phone, Telecom DESCRIPTION The resistors array is constructed in a high grade ceramic body (aluminum oxide). Internal metal electrodes are added at each end and connected by a resistive paste that is applied to the top surface of the substrate. The composition of the paste is adjusted to give the approximate resistance required and the value is trimmed to within tolerance by laser cutting of this resistive layer. The resistive layer is covered with a protective coat. Finally, the two external end terminations are added. For ease of soldering the outer layer of these end terminations is a Lead-tin or Tin (Lead free) solder alloy. Fig 1. Consctruction of a Chip-R array WA04 Page 2 of 7 WA04X Version 18 Nov.-2006 Walsin Technology Corporation QUICK REFERENCE DATA Item Series No. Size Resistance Tolerance Resistance Range TCR (ppm/°C) 10Ω≤R<1MΩ R<10Ω, R>1MΩ Max. dissipation at Tamb=70°C Max. Operation Voltage (DC or RMS) Max. overload voltage Climatic category General Specification WA04X(Convex) 0402×4 (1005×4) ±5% 10Ω ~ 1MΩ Jumper ≤ ± 300 -300~+500 1/16 W 25V 50V 55/155/56 Note : 1. 2. This is the maximum voltage that may be continuously supplied to the resistor element, see “IEC publication 60115-8” Max. Operation Voltage : So called RCWV (Rated Continuous Working Voltage) is determined by RCWV = Rated Power × Resistance Value o [ … ]

WA04X472JTL PDF File

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