VHCT244 – IN74VHCT244

VHCT244 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : VHCT244

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, IN74VHCT244.

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Manufacturer : Integral

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VHCT244 Datasheet PDF

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TECHNICAL DATA Octal Buffer /Line Driver NINV (3-state) IN74VHCT244 is high-speed logic IC made by CMOS technology and designed for use in high-performance calculating systems with a wide supply voltage range. As for operation speed, IN74VHCT244 can be compared with equivalent bipolar ICs based on Schottky TTL and two times surpasses ICs of IN74НС series. IN74VHCT244 tolerates operation under conditions when voltage on input & output is exceeded up to 7V without affecting characteristics and IC reliability. This possibility allows to use IN74VHCT244 in radio-electronic devices for interfacing with supply voltages 5V and 3V, eliminate IC failure under supply voltage source emergency outage. Use of output edge shaping block in the microcircuit allows to reduce noise amplitude of noises when switching outputs into the same state simultaneously. Input levels of IN74VHCT244 are compatible with TTL level and output levels with CMOS levels. IN74VHCT244 ORDERING INFORMATION IN74VHCT244N Plastic IN74VHCT244DW SOIC TA = -40° to 85° C for all packages


: Supply voltage range 4.5 to 5.5 V. Output current 8 mA. Low consumption current: 0.2 mkA (typical value) at Та = 25 °С. Latchup current not less than 300 mA at Та = 85 °С. Tolerable value of static potential not less than 2000 V as per human body model (HBM) and not less than 200 V as per machine model (ММ). • Ambient operation temperature minus 40 to plus 85 °С. • Balanced signal propagation delay. • Ensures voltage exceeding mode on input • Low noise level at the simultaneous switching of outputs in the same state: VOLP = 0.8 V (max). • For pins and functions, compatible with IN74HCT244. • • • • • . 1 IN74VHCT244 IN74VHCT244 truth table Input Output G A L H X Y L H Z L L H Note – H – high voltage level; L – low voltage level; X – any voltage level (low or high); Z – output in third state Pins description in IN74VHC241 Pinout 1G 1A1 2Y4 1A2 2Y3 1A3 [ … ]

VHCT244 PDF File

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