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Part number : UPD78P018F

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCOMPUTER.

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Manufacturer : NEC Electronics

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UPD78P018F Datasheet PDF

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PRELIMINARY PRODUCT INFORMATION MOS INTEGRATED CIRCUIT mPD78P018F 8-BIT SINGLE-CHIP MICROCOMPUTER DESCRIPTION The mPD78P018F is an 8-bit single-chip microcomputer which incorporates one-time PROM which can be written to once only, or EPROM to which programs can be written, erased and rewritten. As the mPD78P018F is user-programmable, it is suitable for evaluation in system development, and for short-run and multiple device-production, and early start-up. This document should be read in conjunction with documentation on the mask ROM products. FEATURES Ý Ý Ý Ý Ý Ý * Pin compatible with mask ROM products (except VPP pin) Internal PROM: 60K bytes*1 Internal high-speed RAM: 1024 bytes*1 Internal expansion RAM : 1024 bytes*2 Buffer RAM: 32 bytes Operable over same supply voltage range as mask ROM product (2.0 to 6.0 V) 1. The internal PROM and internal high-speed RAM size can be changed by means of the memory size switching register. 2. The capacity of the internal expansion RAM can be changed by means of the internal expansion RAM switching register. Differences from mask ROM products are as follows: • The same memory mapping as on a mask ROM product is possible by setting the memory size switching register and the internal expansion RAM switching register. • There is no function for incorporating pull-up resistors by means of a mask option. In this document, the common parts of the one-time PROM product and EPROM product are represented by PROM. The information contained in this document is being issued in advance of the production cycle for the device. The parameters for the device may change before final production or NEC Corporation, at its own discretion, may withdraw the device prior to its production. Document No. (O. D. No. IP-8887) Date Published November 1993 P Printed in Japan © NEC Corporation 1993 mPD78P018F ORDERING INFORMATION Ordering Code mPD78P018FCW mPD78P018FDW mPD78P018FGC-AB8 mPD78P018FGK-8A8 mPD78P018FKK-S Pa [ … ]

UPD78P018F PDF File

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