TS80000 – High Efficiency Transmitter Controller

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Part number : TS80000

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Efficiency Transmitter Controller.

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Manufacturer : Semtech

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TS80000 Datasheet PDF

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TS80000 High Efficiency Transmitter Controller for Wireless Power Systems TRIUNE PRODUCTS


• Supports Qi®, PMA and proprietary charging applications • Power outputs up to 40W+ • Support for single and multi-coil applications • Support for half and full-bridge power sections • Support for variable voltage, variable frequency and variable duty cycle architectures • Integrated controller and flash for communications and control • High precision data converters • Precise control of bridge duty cycle and frequency • Low external component count Applications • RISC-based controller core with flash and SRAM memory • Two 12-bit A/D converters • DMA controller • Three 16-bit timers, each with up to 4 IC/OC/PWM or pulse counter • Dual 16-bit PWM timers with dead-time generation • 3 AGPIO and 5 GPIO for application customization • I2C or UART interface • USB interface • 36 pin 6×6 QFN


The TS80000 is a power transmitter communications and control unit for wireless charging applications. The TS80000 can support power outputs up to 40W+, and supports Qi® compliant, PMA compliant and proprietary applications. The TS80000 can be configured to drive single or multi-coil applications, in half and full-bridge systems. The TS80000 performs the necessary decode of packets from the secondary side device and adjusts the control accordingly. An integrated PID filter provides the necessary compensation for the loop for high-precision control of duty cycle, frequency, and or bridge voltage. Applications • Qi® , PMA and non-standard wireless chargers for: ŒŒ Cell Phones and Smartphones ŒŒ GPS Devices ŒŒ Digital Cameras ŒŒ Tablets and eReaders ŒŒ Portable Lighting ŒŒ Industrial applications • Automotive chargers ŒŒ OEM in-cabin chargers ŒŒ Charging accessories Typical Application Circuit DC Supply Application Processor TS80000 + TS61001 TS81000 + TS51111 Application Processor Load Transm [ … ]

TS80000 PDF File

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