TK65600B-G – CMOS White Led Driver IC

TK65600B-G Information is available here.

Part Number : TK65600B-G

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, CMOS White Led Driver IC.

Pinouts :

Package :

Manufacturer : Toko

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TK65600B-G data sheet

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APPLICATION MANUAL CMOS White LED Driver IC TK65600B, B-G CONTENTS 1 . DESCRIPTION 2 . FEATURES 3 . APPLICATIONS 4 . PIN CONFIGURATION 5 . PACKAGE OUTLINE 6 . BLOCK DIAGRAM 7 . ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS 8 . ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS 9 . TEST CIRCUIT 10 . TYPICAL CHARACTERISTICS 11 . PIN DESCRIPTION 12 . APPLICATIONS INFORMATION 13 . NOTES 14. OFFICES 2 2 2 2 2 3 3 4 5 5 8 8 16 16 MEETING YOUR NEEDS GC3-K016 Page 1 TK65600B, B-G 1. DESCRIPTION TOKO TK65600B,TK65600B-G White LED Driver IC has been optimized for battery powered systems where power consumption and size are primary concerns. High efficiency has been optimized for this application. The miniature Flip Chip package device, together with the miniature Toko Coil D3313FB or Low Profile D412F Coil, further helps system designers reduce the space required to drive the white LEDs. The IC uses Current-mode PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) method of regulating the current through the string of LEDs. This time-proven method of regulation works at a fixed switching frequency which is preferred in RF systems, because the switching noise RF spectrum is more predictable. With a switching frequency of 700 kHz the operation of the IC should not disturb 455 kHz IF subsystem. The Enable pin can take a PWM signal provided by the user to reduce the display brightness. A PWM signal is preferred to pulse the LEDs with a regulated value of current and to maintain better consistency of chromaticity. 4. PIN CONFIGURATION TK65600B, TK65600B-G Top View ENABLE A2 AGND A1 A3 N/C VDD B1 B3 FB VOUT C1 C2 IND C3 PGND 5. PACKAGE OUTLINE „ FC-8 (1.46×1.46mm) 2. FEATURES „ Minimum External Components „ Efficiency as High as 80% „ LED Current Regulated „ Internal Synchronous Rectifier „ PWM Signal Intensity Control „ Can Drive Multiple Strings of 3 WLED in Series „ 700 kHz PWM Operation „ Low Supply Current „ Enable Pin „ Short Circuit Protection „ Over Voltage Protection „ 8 [ … ]

TK65600B-G PDF File

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