TJA1021 – Transceiver

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Part number : TJA1021

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Transceiver.

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Manufacturer : NXP

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TJA1021 Datasheet PDF

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TJA1021 LIN 2.0/SAE J2602 transceiver Rev. 01 — 16 October 2006 Objective data sheet 1. General description The TJA1021 is the interface between the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) master/slave protocol controller and the physical bus in a LIN. It is primarily intended for in-vehicle sub-networks using baud rates from 1 kBd up to 20 kBd and is LIN 2.0/SAE J2602 compliant. The TJA1021 is pin-to-pin compatible with the TJA1020 and improved on ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD). The transmit data stream of the protocol controller at the transmit data input (TXD) is converted by the TJA1021 into a bus signal with optimized slew rate and wave shaping to minimize ElectroMagnetic Emission (EME). The LIN bus output pin is pulled HIGH via an internal termination resistor. For a master application an external resistor in series with a diode should be connected between pin INH or pin VBAT and pin LIN. The receiver detects the data stream at the LIN bus input pin and transfers it via pin RXD to the microcontroller. In sleep mode the power consumption of the TJA1021 is very low, whereas in failure modes the power consumption is reduced to a minimum. 2.


2.1 General I I I I I I I I I I LIN 2.0/SAE J2602 compliant Baud rate up to 20 kBd Very low ElectroMagnetic Emission (EME) High ElectroMagnetic Immunity (EMI) Passive behavior in unpowered state Input levels compatible with 3.3 V and 5 V devices Integrated termination resistor for LIN slave applications Wake-up source recognition (local or remote) Supports K-line like functions Pin-to-pin compatible with TJA1020 2.2 Low power management I Very low current consumption in sleep mode with local and remote wake-up 2.3 Protections I High ESD robustness: ≥ ±6 kV according to IEC 61000-4-2 for pins LIN, VBAT and WAKE_N I Transmit data (TXD) dominant time-out function DataSheet 4 U .com NXP Semiconductors TJA1021 LIN 2.0/SAE J2602 transceiver I Bus terminal and battery pin protec [ … ]

TJA1021 PDF File

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