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Part number : TDA7449

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, TONE CONTROL DIGITALLY CONTROLLED AUDIO PROCESSOR.

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Manufacturer : ST Microelectronics

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TDA7449 Datasheet PDF

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® TDA7449 TONE CONTROL DIGITALLY CONTROLLED AUDIO PROCESSOR INPUT MULTIPLEXER – 2 STEREO INPUTS – SELECTABLE INPUT GAIN FOR OPTIMAL ADAPTATION TO DIFFERENT SOURCES ONE STEREO OUTPUT TREBLE, AND BASS CONTROL IN 2.0dB STEPS VOLUME CONTROL IN 1.0dB STEPS TWO SPEAKER ATTENUATORS: – TWO INDEPENDENT SPEAKER CONTROL IN 1.0dB STEPS FOR BALANCE FACILITY – INDEPENDENT MUTE FUNCTION ALL FUNCTION ARE PROGRAMMABLE VIA SERIAL BUS DESCRIPTION The TDA7449 is a volume tone (bass and treble) balance (Left/Right) processor for quality audio applications in TV systems. Selectable input gain is provided. Control of all the functions is accomplished by serial bus. BLOCK DIAGRAM MUXOUTL 10 8 100K TREBLE(L) 16 DIP20 ORDERING NUMBER: TDA7449 The AC signal setting is obtained by resistor networks and switches combined with operational amplifiers. Thanks to the used BIPOLAR/CMOS Technology, Low Distortion, Low Noise and DC stepping are obtained. BIN(L) BOUT(L) 15 RB 14 L-IN1 L-IN2 9 100K G VOLUME TREBLE BASS SPKR ATT LEFT 5 LOUT R-IN1 7 100K 0/30dB 2dB STEP 19 I CBUS DECODER + LATCHES 2 20 18 SCL SDA DIG_GND R-IN2 6 100K G VOLUME TREBLE BASS SPKR ATT RIGHT VREF 4 ROUT 2 INPUT MULTIPLEXER + GAIN 11 MUXOUTR 17 TREBLE(R) 12 SUPPLY RB 13 1 CREF 3 VS AGND BIN(R) BOUT(R) D98AU847A April 1999 1/17 TDA7449 ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Symbol VS Tamb Tstg Operating Supply Voltage Operating Ambient Temperature Storage Temperature Range Parameter Value 10.5 -10 to 85 -55 to 150 Unit V °C °C PIN CONNECTION CREF VS PGND ROUT LOUT R_IN2 R_IN1 L_IN1 L_IN2 MUXOUT(L) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 D98AU848 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 SDA SCL DIG_GND TREBLE(R) TREBLE(L) BIN(L) BOUT(L) BOUT(R) BIN(R) MUXOUT(R) THERMAL DATA Symbol R th j-pin Parameter Thermal Resistance Junction-pins Value 150 Unit °C/W QUICK REFERENCE DATA Symbol VS VCL THD S/N SC Supply Voltage Max. input signal handling Total Harmonic Distortion V = 1Vrms f = 1KHz Signal to Noise Ratio V out = 1Vrms (mode = OFF) Cha [ … ]

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