TD62082 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : TD62082

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 8CH DARLINGTON SINK DRIVER.

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Manufacturer : Toshiba

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TD62082 Datasheet PDF

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TD62081~084AP/CP/F/AF TOSHIBA BIPOLAR DIGITAL INTEGRATED CIRCUIT SILICON MONOLITHIC TD62081AP,TD62081CP,TD62081F,TD62081AF,TD62082AP,TD62082CP TD62082F,TD62082AF,TD62083AP,TD62083CP,TD62083F,TD62083AF TD62084AP,TD62084CP,TD62084F,TD62084AF 8CH DARLINGTON SINK DRIVER The TD62081AP / CP / F / AF Series are high−voltage, high−current darlington drivers comprised of eight NPN darlington pairs. All units feature integral clamp diodes for switching inductive loads. Applications include relay, hammer, lamp and display (LED) drivers. FEATURES l Output current (single output) 500 mA (Max.) (TD62081AP / F / AF series) 400 mA (Max.) (TD62081CP series) l High sustaining voltage output 35 V (Min.) (TD62081F series) 50 V (Min.) (TD62081AP / AF series) 100 V (Min.) (TD62081CP series) l Output clamp diodes l Inputs compatible with various types of logic. l Package type−AP, CP : DIP−18 pin l Package type−F, AF : SOP−18 pin Weight DIP18−P−300−2.54D : 1.478 g (Typ.) SOP18−P−375−1.27 : 0.41 g (Typ.) TYPE INPUT BASE RESISTOR TD62081AP / CP / F / AF External TD62082AP / CP / F / AF 10.5−kΩ + 7 V Zenner diode TD62083AP / CP / F / AF 2.7 kΩ TD62084AP / CP / F / AF 10.5 kΩ DESIGNATION General Purpose 14~25 V PMOS TTL, 5 V CMOS 6~15 V PMOS, CMOS PIN CONNECTION (TOP VIEW) 1 2001-06-28 SCHEMATICS (EACH DRIVER) TD62081AP / CP / F / AF TD62082AP / CP / F / AF TD62081~084AP/CP/F/AF TD62083AP / CP / F / AF TD62084AP / CP / F / AF Note: The input and output parasitic diodes cannot be used as clamp diodes. MAXIMUM RATINGS (Ta = 25°C) CHARACTERISTIC Output Sustaining Voltage AP, AF CP F SYMBOL VCE (SUS) Output Current Input Voltage Input Current Clamp Diode Reverse Voltage CP AP, AF CP F IOUT VIN (Note 1) IIN (Note 2) VR Clamp Diode Forward Current CP Power Dissipation AP, CP F, AF Operating Temperature Storage Temperature IF PD Topr Tstg Note 1: Except TD62081AP / CP / F / AF Note 2: Only TD62081AP / CP / F / AF RATIN [ … ]

TD62082 PDF File

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Driver TD62082 - - Toshiba


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