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Part number : TCD1209DG

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, CCD LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR.

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Manufacturer : Toshiba

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TCD1209DG Datasheet PDF

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TCD1209DG TOSHIBA CCD LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR CCD (Charge Coupled Device) TCD1209DG The TCD1209DG is a high speed and low dark current 2048 elements CCD image sensor. The sensor is designed for facsimile, imagescanner and OCR. The device contains a row of 2048 elements photodiodes which provide a 8 lines / mm (200 DPI) across a B4 size paper. The device is operated by 5 V (pulse), and 12 V power supply. FEATURES Number of Image Sensing Elements : 2048 elements Image Sensing Element Size : 14 µm by 14 µm on 14 µm centers Photo Sensing Region : High sensitive and low voltage dark signal pn photodiode Clock : 2 phase (5 V) Package : 22pin Cerdip MAXIMUM RATINGS (Note 1) CHARACTERISTIC SYMBOL RATING Clock Pulse Voltage Shift Pulse Voltage Reset Pulse Voltage Clamp Pulse Voltage Power Supply Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Vφ VSH VRS VCP VOD Topr Tstg −0.3~8 −0.3~15 −25~60 −40~100 Note 1: All voltage are with respect to SS terminals (Ground). UNIT V °C °C PIN CONNECTION (TOP VIEW) 1 2004-02-09 CIRCUIT DIAGRAM TCD1209DG PIN NAMES φ1 φ2 φ2B SH RS CP OS OD SS NC Clock (Phase 1) Clock (Phase 2) Final Stage Clock (Phase 2) Shift Gate Reset Gate Clamp Gate Signal Output Power Ground Non Connection 2 2004-02-09 TCD1209DG OPTICAL / ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta = 25°C, VOD = 12V, Vφ = VSH = VRS = VCP = 5V (PULSE), fφ = 1MHz, tINT (INTEGRATION TIME) = 10ms, LIGHT SOURCE = DAYLIGHT FLUORESCENT LAMP, LOAD RESISTANCE = 100 kΩ) CHARACTERISTIC SYMBOL MIN TYP. MAX UNIT NOTE Sensitivity Photo Response Non Uniformity Saturation Output Voltage Saturation Exposure Dark Signal Voltage Dark Signal Non Uniformity DC Power Dissipation Total Transfer Efficiency Output Impedance Dynami Range DC Signal Output Voltage Random Noise R PRNU PRNU (3) VSAT SE VDRK DSNU PD TTE Zo DR VOS NDσ 25 31 37 V/ (lx·s) ― 3 10 % (Note 2) ― 4 10 mV (Note 8) 1.5 2.0 ― V (Note 3) 0.04 0.06 ― lx·s (Note 4) ― 1.0 2.5 mV (Note [ … ]

TCD1209DG PDF File

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