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Part number : TA8173AP

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SOUND FIELD REPRODUCTION IC.

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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor

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TA8173AP Datasheet PDF

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TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA8173AP Sound Field Reproduction IC TA8173AP The TA8173AP is the sound field reproduction IC developed for use on such stereo equipment as radio cassette tape recorder, multivoise TV set. etc. This IC has made it possible to reproduce stereophonic sound with more presence by forcing difference signals of R-ch and L-ch to delay and applying these signals to R-ch and L-ch again.


· Built-in 4 stages of the lagging phase filter · Built-in NORMAL/DELAY switch · Operating supply voltage range : VCC (opr) = 4~12 V (Ta = 25°C) Block Diagram Weight: 1.00 g (typ.) 1 2002-03-05 TA8173AP Cautions for Use 1. D/N (delay/normal) switch The Pin 13 is the delay/normal mode selector switch. The delay mode/normal mode control voltage ranges are as follows : VCC = 5 V, Ta = 25°C Delay mode Normal mode V13 = 2.0 V~VCC or open V13 = 0 V~0.2 V If the output pop noise is generated when the delay/normal mode is Switched by pin 13, the Noise level can be reduced by smoothing current with a capacitor and resistor connected to pin 13 externally as shown in the test circuit diagram. The recommended values are C = 33 µF and R = 3 kΩ. 2. Delay system signal level This IC delays phase of the difference signal (R-L) of the R (PIN 16 input) signal and L (PIN 14 input) signal and adds it to the R and L signals again. This delay system signal level has been set at 2 (R-L) in the standard circuit. However, as it is possible to reduce this signal level by externally connected parts. Set an optimum value through a listening test, etc. as shown below. Connect a resistor from the LPF output PIN 2 or 7 to the REF PIN 15 as illustrated below. As a 10 kΩ is seen in the LPF output PIN, it is possible to attenuate the delay system signal level by dividing resistance with the external resistor Rx. In this case as the time constant of the LPF changes when the Rx is connected, decide the LPF’s time constant by (10 kΩ//Rx) [ … ]

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