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Part number : TA7900S

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 5V VOLTAGE REGULATOR WITH WATCHDOG TIMER.

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Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor

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TA7900S Datasheet PDF

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TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA7900S,TA7900F TA7900S/F 5V Voltage Regulator with Watchdog Timer The TA7900S, TA7900F is an IC specially designed for micro-computer systems. It produces an output voltage of 5±0.25V without need for adjustment from its accurate reference voltage and amplifier circuit. At power-on, it outputs a reset signal to reset the system. It will also output a reset signal when the 5V output voltage drops below 92% because of external disturbance or other problem. It also incorporates a watchdog timer for self-diagnosing the system. When the system malfunctions, the IC generates reset pulses intermittently to prevent the system from running away.


l Accurate output : 5±0.25V l Output voltage adjusting pin attached l Power-on reset timer incorporated l Watchdog timer incorporated l Operating temperature range : from −40 to 85°C l Wide operating voltage range : 40V (max.) l SIP-9 pin (TA7900S) l SOP-14 pin (TA7900F) TA7900S TA7900F Weight SIP9-P-2.54A : 0.92 g (typ.) SOP14-P-225-1.27 : 0.20 g (typ.) 1 2002-02-27 Block Diagram and Pin Layout TA7900S TA7900F TA7900S/F Note : The TA7900S and TA7900F are the same chip, except that they are housed in different packages. 2 2002-02-27 Pin


Pin No. TA7900S TA7900F 1 12 2 14 31 43 54 65 77 88 9 10 ― 2, 6, 9, 11, 13 TA7900S/F Symbol BIAS OUT COMP VCC GND ADJ RESET TC CK NC


Power supply starting pin. The starting current is supplied through a resistor to which the input voltage is applied. The output current from this starting current is as follows : IOUT (BIAS PIN) ≥30× (VIN−0.7) / (15+R1) (mA) where R1 is the external resistance attached to BIAS pin (kΩ) . When VCC rises above 2.7V, the starting current is absorbed in the internal circuit ; instead, IOUT is supplied via VCC. Connected to the base of an external PNP transistor so that the output voltage is stabilized. Power supply design suitable for [ … ]

TA7900S PDF File

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