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Part number : TA2057N

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, AM/FM IF+FM ST DET (FOR DIGITAL TUNING SYSTEM).

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Manufacturer : Toshiba

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TA2057N Datasheet PDF

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TOSHIBA Bipolar Linear Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic TA2057N AM / FM IF + FM St DET (for digital tuning system) TA2057N TA2057N is the AM / FM IF + FM St DET system IC, which is designed for DTS radios. This IC is included many functions and these can be used for digital tuning system with IF counter.


· Suitable for combination with digital tuning system which has IF counter. · One terminal type AM / FM IF count output (auto stop signal) for IF counter of digitl tuning system. · Built−in mute circuit for IF count output. Weight: 1.2g (typ.) · Adjustable for IF count output sensitivity by external resistance of pin(2) (AM), and pin(3) (FM). · For adopting ceramic discriminator and ceramic resonator, it is not necessary to adjust the FM quad detector circuit and FM st DET vco circuit. · Built−in AM local oscillator buffer output circuit. · Built−in AM IF buffer output circuit for AM stereo. · Operating supply voltage range (Ta = 25°C): VCC = 3.5~14V ※Handle with care to prevent devices from deteriorations by static electricity. 1 2002-10-30 Block Diagram TA2057N 2 2002-10-30 TA2057N Terminal Explanation (terminal voltage shows typical value at Ta = 25°C, VCC = 5V, SW3 = off, SW9 = GND, and non-signal test circuit) Pin No. Characteristic Internal Circuit DC Voltage (V) FM AM 1 AM RF in 1.95 1.95 AM s・sens ・AM IF count output sensitivity adjust terminal 2 ・Bias terminal for AM IF / DET out switch circuit V2 = GND →AM DET out (pin(19)) V2 = Vstb →AM IF out (pin(19)) FM s・sens 3 ・FM IF count output sensitivity adjust terminal 0.5 (at SW9 = Vstb1.45) R2 = 10kΩ 0.5 (at SW9 = Vstb1.45) R2 = 10kΩ 00 R3 = 10kΩ R3 = 10kΩ 3 2002-10-30 Pin No. Characteristic 4 AM OSC Internal Circuit TA2057N DC Voltage (V) FM AM 1.95 1.95 5 AM OSC out 6 VCC 7 AGC 8 GND IF out / REQ ・IF count output terminal 9 ・IF count output / FM st DET mute circuit control terminal V9 = VCC → on V9 = open → of [ … ]

TA2057N PDF File

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