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Part number : STPR1020

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, ULTRA-FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIER DIODES.

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Manufacturer : ST Microelectronics

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STPR1020 Datasheet PDF

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® STPR1020CB/CG/CT/CF/CFP/CR ULTRA-FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIER DIODES MAIN PRODUCTS CHARACTERISTICS IF(AV) VRRM Tj (max) VF (max) trr (max) FEATURES s A1 K 2x5A 200 V 150°C 0.99 V 30 ns A1 K A2 A2 A2 K A1 TO-220AB STPR1020CT TO-220FPAB STPR1020CFP K s s s s SUITED FOR SMPS LOW LOSSES LOW FORWARD AND REVERSE RECOVERY TIME HIGH SURGE CURRENT CAPABILITY INSULATED PACKAGES: ISOWATT220AB / TO-220FPAB Insulation Voltage = 2000V DC Capacitance = 12 pF K A2 A1 K A2 A1 ISOWATT220AB STPR1020CF K DPAK STPR1020CB DESCRIPTION Dual center tap rectifier suited for Switched Mode Power Supplies and high frequency DC to DC converters. Packaged in DPAK, D2PAK, I2PAK, TO-220AB, TO-220FPAB or ISOWATT220AB, this device is intended for use in low voltage, high frequency inverters, free wheeling and polarity protection applications. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM (limiting values, per diode) Symbol VRRM IF(RMS) RMS forward current 2 A2 A1 K A1 A2 D2PAK STPR1020CG I2PAK STPR1020CR Parameter Repetitive peak reverse voltage D PAK / TO-220AB / ISOWATT220AB / TO-220FPAB / I2PAK DPAK 2 Value 200 10 7 Tc=125°C Tc=115°C Tc=110°C Per diode Per device Per device 5 10 10 50 – 65 to + 150 Unit V A A A IF(AV) Average forward D PAK / DPAK current TO-220AB / I2PAK δ = 0.5 ISOWATT220AB TO-220FPAB IFSM Tstg Surge non repetitive forward current Storage temperature range tp=10ms sinusoidal A °C 1/10 August 2002- Ed: 2E STPR1020CB/CG/CT/CF/CFP/CR THERMAL RESISTANCES Symbol Rth (j-c) Junction to case Parameter TO-220AB / D PAK / DPAK I2PAK ISOWATT220AB 2 Value Per diode Total Per diode Total 4.0 2.4 6.0 4.0 6.5 5 0.7 2.0 3.5 Unit °C/W TO-220FPAB Per diode Total Rth (c) Coupling TO-220AB / D2PAK / DPAK / I2PAK ISOWATT220AB TO-220FPAB When diodes 1 and 2 are used simultaneously : ∆ Tj(diode 1) = P(diode 1) x Rth(j-c) (Per diode) + P(diode 2) x Rth(c) STATIC ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (per diode) Symbol IR * VF ** Parameters Reverse leakage current Forward voltage drop Test con [ … ]

STPR1020 PDF File

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