ST9902 – Liquid-Crystal Shutter Glasses Driver

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Part number : ST9902

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Liquid-Crystal Shutter Glasses Driver.

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Manufacturer : Sitronix

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ST9902 Datasheet PDF

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Preliminary ST9902 Liquid-Crystal Shutter Glasses Driver 1. INTRODUCTION ST9902 is an integrated circuit for liquid-crystal shutter glasses driver. It combines a DC/DC converter that generates a specified voltage level as the output voltage source to the four-channel analog switches. Each analog switch has a dedicated input control pin and a dedicated output analog pin. The analog switches can be used as the lens driver in a 3D glasses system application. 16K-byte EEPROM is suitable for the MCU-based system, which can use EEPROM as a code or data storage unit. ST9902 chip is integrated into a 16-pin QFN package and only a few external passive components are required. 2. FEATURES DC/DC Converter ♦ Input voltage: 2.5V to 4.2V ♦ High efficiency (max output current =100uA) ♦ Output voltage is 10V Package and Operating Temperature Range ♦ 3mm x 3mm 16Pin QFN package ♦ Operating temperature range: 0~70℃ Analog Switch ♦ On-resistance match between four channels ♦ Low ON/OFF leakage current ♦ Vop support voltage = 10V Control Interface ♦ I2C serial interface ♦ Up to 400KHz I2C bus compatibility ♦ Support power down control pin 16K-byte EEPROM ♦ Support byte program and page program ♦ 32 byte page buffer ♦ Self-timed programming cycle (6m sec max.) ♦ Endurance:300K write cycle ♦ Data retention time:more than 10 years Sitronix Technology Corp. reserves the right to change the contents in this document without prior notice. Ver 0.5 1/13 2012/05/03 2/13 2012/05/03 Ver 0.5 nPWDN WP SDA SCL LSEGI RSEGI LCOMI RCOMI GND VBAT CCSP VOUT LSEGO RSEGO LCOMO RCOMO ST9902 – Preliminary 3. BLOCK DIAGRAM ST9902 – Preliminary 4. PIN CONFIGURATION Ver 0.5 3/13 2012/05/03 ST9902 – Preliminary 5. PINNING DESCRIPTIONS System Wide Pins Pin Name VBAT VSS (GND) SCL SDA WP nPWDN (SHUTDOWN) Type P P I I/O I I


Battery power supply input pin. System ground pin. I2C serial clock input pin. I2C serial data input/output pin. Write [ … ]

ST9902 PDF File

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