SED1330F – LCD Controller ICs

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Part number : SED1330F

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, LCD Controller ICs.

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Manufacturer : ETC

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SED1330F Datasheet PDF

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SED1330 CMOS GRAPHIC LCD CONTROLLER This part is replaced by SED1335. Some pin differences between SED1330 and SED1335 exist. Please check SED1335 data sheet. S-MOS Systems, Inc., will continue to support existing designs which use SED1330. s DESCRIPTION The SED1330 is a CMOS low-power dot matrix liquid crystal graphic display controller. The device stores in external RAM display data sent by an 8-bit microcomputer, and generates all the signals required by the LCD drivers. The LSI incorporates an internal character generator ROM which supports user-defined characters (also an external CGROM can be supported). The SED1330 can be interfaced to high-speed microprocessors such as the Intel family or Motorola family. The controller supports a set of rich commands that will allow the user to create a layered display of characters and graphics. Also, the controller functions as a pipeline buffer between the MPU and display memory so that low-cost, medium-speed SRAM can be used. s FEATURES low-power graphic and character display • CMOS controller MPU interface is compatible with both • Selectable the Intel family and the Motorola family • Smooth scrolling support: • Programmable cursor • Internal character generator ROM • Supports external character generator ROM: • • • • • • • Horizontal and vertical scroll Scrolling of selected areas of the display Multimode display: 2 layers of overlapping character and graphics 3 layers of overlapping graphics Selectable display synthesis: Inverse video Flashing display, cursor on/off/blink Under and bar cursor, block cursor Simple animation 8 × 8 or 8 × 16 pixel characters Allows mixing of ROM and RAM character sets Supports 64K bytes of memory: 2 of 32K × 8 100ns SRAM or 8 of 8K × 8 100ns SRAM Display duty .. 1/2 to 1/256 Low power dissipation 5mA (typical) 0.05µA (typical), standby Logic power supply 4.5 to 5.5V Package . [ … ]

SED1330F PDF File

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