SDM9435A – P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET

SDM9435A Information is available here.

Part Number : SDM9435A

Function : This is a kind of semiconductor, P-Channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET.

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Manufacturer : SamHop Microelectronics

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SDM9435A data sheet

Some text files in PDF file :

( DataSheet : ) S DM9435A S amHop Microelectronics C orp. May ,2004 ver 1.1 P -C hannel E nhancement Mode Field E ffect Transistor P R ODUC T S UMMAR Y V DS S -30V F E AT UR E S ( m W ) Max 5 ID -5A R DS (ON) S uper high dense cell design for low R DS (ON ). 50 @ V G S = -10V 90 @ V G S = -4.5V R ugged and reliable. S urface Mount P ackage. D 8 D 7 D 6 D 5 S O-8 1 1 2 3 4 S S S G ABS OLUTE MAXIMUM R ATINGS (T A=25 C unless otherwise noted) P arameter Drain-S ource Voltage Gate-S ource Voltage Drain C urrent-C ontinuous a @ T J =125 C b -P ulsed Drain-S ource Diode Forward C urrent a Maximum P ower Dissipation a Operating Junction and S torage Temperature R ange S ymbol V DS V GS ID IDM IS PD T J , T S TG Limit 30 20 -5 -25 -1.7 2.5 -55 to 150 Unit V V A A A W C THE R MAL C HAR AC TE R IS TIC S Thermal R esistance, Junction-to-Ambient a R JA 50 C /W 1 S DM9435A E LE CTR ICAL CHAR ACTE R IS TICS (T A =25 C unless otherwise noted) Parameter 5 S ymbol BV DS S IDS S IGS S V GS (th) R DS (ON) ID(ON) gFS c Condition V GS = 0V, ID = -250uA V DS = -24V, V GS = 0V V GS = 20V, V DS = 0V V DS = V GS , ID = -250uA V GS = -10V, ID =-5.3A V GS = -4.5V, ID = -4.2A V DS = -5V, V GS = -10V V DS = -15V, ID = – 5.3A Min Typ C Max Unit -30 -1 100 -1 -1.5 40 67 -20 9 860 470 180 -3 50 V uA nA V m-ohm OFF CHAR ACTE R IS TICS Drain-S ource Breakdown Voltage Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current Gate-Body Leakage ON CHAR ACTE R IS TICS b Gate Threshold Voltage Drain-S ource On-S tate R esistance On-S tate Drain Current Forward Transconductance 90 m-ohm A S PF PF PF DYNAMIC CHAR ACTE R IS TICS Input Capacitance Output Capacitance R everse Transfer Capacitance C IS S C OS S CRSS c V DS =-15V, V GS = 0V f =1.0MH Z S WITCHING CHAR ACTE R IS TICS Turn-On Delay Time R ise Time Turn-Off Delay Time Fall Time Total Gate Charge Gate-S ource Charge Gate-Drain Charge tD(ON) tr tD(OFF) tf Qg Q gs Q gd 2 V D = -15V [ … ]

SDM9435A PDF File

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