Part number : SB3A0

Functions : SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIER, This is Semiconductor.


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SB3A0 Datasheet PDF

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BL GALAXY ELECTRICAL SCHOTTKY BARRIER RECTIFIER FEATURES Metal-Semiconductor junction with guard ring Epitaxial construction Low forward voltage drop,low switching losses High surge capability For use in low voltage,high frequency inverters free xxxx wheeling,and polarity protection applications The plastic material carries U/L recognition 94V-0 SB380 — SB3A0 VOLTAGE RANGE: 80 — 100 V CURRENT: 3.0 A DO – 27 MECHANICAL DATA Case:JEDEC DO–27,molded plastic Terminals: Axial lead ,solderable per MIL- STD-202,Method 208 Polarity: Color band denotes cathode Weight: 0.041 ounces,1.15 grams Mounting position: Any MAXIMUM RATINGS AND ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Ratings at 25 ambient temperature unless otherwise specified. Single phase,half wave,60 Hz,resistive or inductive load. For capacitive load,derate by 20%. SB380 Maximum recurrent peak reverse voltage Maximum RMS voltage Maximum DC blocking voltage Maximum average forw ard rectified current 9.5mm lead length, (see fig.1) SB390 90 63 90 3.0 SB3A0 100 70 100 UNITS V V V A VRRM VRMS VDC IF(AV) 80 56 80 Peak forw ard surge current 8.3ms single half-sine-w ave superimposed on rated load @TJ =125 IFSM 80.0 A Maximum instantaneous forw ard voltage @ 3.0 A (Note 1) Maximum reverse current @TA=25 VF IR CJ RθJA TJ TSTG 0.85 0.5 10.0 180 40 -55 — +125 -55 — +150 V mA pF /W at rated DC blocking voltage @TA=100 Typical junction capacitance Typical thermal resistance (Note2) (Note3) Operating junction temperature range Storage temperature range NOTE: 1. Pulse test : 300 s pulse width,1% duty cy cle. 2. Measured at 1.0MHz and applied rev erse v oltage of 4.0V DC. 3.Thermal resistance junction to ambient Document Number 0266030 BLGALAXY ELECTRICAL 1. RATINGS AND CHARACTERISTIC CURVES FIG.1 — FORWARD CURRENT DERATING CURVE 4 SB380 — SB3A0 FIG.2 –MAXIMUM NON-REPETITIVE PEAK FORWARD SURGE CURRENT PEAK FORWARD SURGE CURRENT AVERAGE FORWARD RECTIFIED 80 70 TJ=TJMAX 8.3ms Single H [ … ]

SB3A0 PDF File

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