S25FL032A – Flash Memory

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Part number : S25FL032A

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Flash Memory.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : SPANSION

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S25FL032A Datasheet PDF

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S25FL032A 32 Megabit CMOS 3.0 Volt Flash Memory with 50MHz SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Bus Data Sheet (Preliminary) S25FL032A Cover Sheet Notice to Readers: This document states the current technical specifications regarding the Spansion product(s) described herein. Each product described herein may be designated as Advance Information, Preliminary, or Full Production. See Notice On Data Sheet Designations for definitions. Publication Number S25FL032A_00 Revision C0 Issue Date September 1, 2006 Data Sheet (Pre limin ar y) Notice On Data Sheet Designations Spansion Inc. issues data sheets with Advance Information or Preliminary designations to advise readers of product information or intended specifications throughout the product life cycle, including development, qualification, initial production, and full production. In all cases, however, readers are encouraged to verify that they have the latest information before finalizing their design. The following descriptions of Spansion data sheet designations are presented here to highlight their presence and definitions. Advance Information The Advance Information designation indicates that Spansion Inc. is developing one or more specific products, but has not committed any design to production. Information presented in a document with this designation is likely to change, and in some cases, development on the product may discontinue. Spansion Inc. therefore places the following conditions upon Advance Information content: “This document contains information on one or more products under development at Spansion Inc. The information is intended to help you evaluate this product. Do not design in this product without contacting the factory. Spansion Inc. reserves the right to change or discontinue work on this proposed product without notice.” Preliminary The Preliminary designation indicates that the product development has progressed such that a commitment to production has taken [ … ]

S25FL032A PDF File

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