PT1301 – Low Voltage Step-up DC/DC Converter

PT1301 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : PT1301

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Low Voltage Step-up DC/DC Converter.

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Manufacturer : PowTech

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PT1301 Datasheet PDF

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PT1301 High Efficiency Low Voltage Step-up DC/DC Converter GENERATION DESCRIPTION The PT1301 is a compact, high efficiency, and low voltage step-up DC/DC converter with an Adaptive Current Mode PWM control loop. It comprises of an error amplifier, a ramp generator, a PWM comparator, a switch pass element and the driver. It provides stable and high efficient operation over a wide range of load currents without external compensation. The below 1V start-up input voltage makes PT1301 suitable for single battery cell applications. The built-in power transistor is able to provide up to 300mA output current while working under Li-Battery Supply. Besides, it provides extra pin to drive external power devices (NMOS or NPN ) in case higher output current is needed. The output voltage is set with two external resistors. The 500KHz high switching rate reduces the size of external components. Besides, the 14μA low quiescent current together with high efficiency maintains long battery lifetime. FEATURES z z z z z z z z Low Quiescent (Switch-off) Supply Current: 14μA Low Start-up Input Voltage: typical 0.8V High Supply Capability: Deliver 3.3V 100mA with 1Alkaline Cell; 5V 300mA with 1 Li-Cell Zero Shutdown Mode Supply Current High efficiency: 90% Fixed switching frequency: 500KHz Options for internal or external power switches Package type: SOT-26, SOT-89-5 APPLICATIONS z z z MP3, PDA, Electronic Dictionary, DSC, LCD, RF-Tag, Portable Devices, Wireless Devices, etc. OREER INFORMATION •yÑb w`R VÛm € TYPICAL APPLICATION CIRCUITS (1) Typical Application 1.5Vto 3.3V, 100mA Output Current, typically for MP3 Application. of w.g ww m otec (2) Extending Output Current China Resources Powtech (Shanghai) Limited PT1301_DS Rev EN_3.0 Page 1 PT1301 High Efficiency Low Voltage Step-up DC/DC Converter 1.5V to 3.3V, 250mA Output Current (3) High Output Voltage, Large Output Current 5V to 12V, 300mA Output Current VÛmw`R•yÑb€ w.goftechm O›^”UFÿmñW3^VÛw`R�� [ … ]

PT1301 PDF File

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