PN8112 – Current Mode PWM Controller

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Part number : PN8112

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Current Mode PWM Controller.

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Manufacturer : Chipown

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PN8112 Datasheet PDF

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PN8112 Chipown Current Mode PWM Controller General


The PN8112 consists of an integrated Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) controller and power MOSFET, specifically designed for a high performance off-line converter with minimal external components. PN8112 offers complete protection coverage with automatic self-recovery feature including Cycle-by-Cycle current limiting (OCP), overload protection (OLP), over temperature protection (OTP) and soft-start. Burst mode operation and device very low consumption helps to meet the standby energy saving regulations. Excellent EMI performance is achieved with frequency modulation. The device consists of the high voltage start-up circuit. The device provides an advanced platform well suited for low standby-power and cost-effective flyback converters.


■ 85v to 265v wide range AC voltage input ■ Operating Frequency(60kHz) ■ Frequency modulation for low EMI ■ Burst-mode Operation ■ No-load consumption power < 50 mW ■ Built-in Soft Start ■ Internal HV Start-up Circuit ■ Excellent Protection :  Over Current Protection (OCP)  Over Temperature Protection (OTP)  Over Load Protection (OLP) Typical Application Applications ■ Electromagnetic Oven power supplies ■ Small household application power supplies (Coffee machine, Electric kettle, etc.) ■ LED Driver Pin Assignments Order codes PN8112-NSC-T1 PN8112-NEC-R1 Package DIP7 SOP8 AC 85~265V Snubber DC Output COMP OTP Block Control Block FB Block VDD SUPPLY &UVLO SW HV Start Block PWM Switch &Gate Driver GND PN8112 8/F, ChuangYuan Building No.21-1 Changjiang Road, Wuxi New Destrict Tel: +86(510)8521-7718 Rev.A.1110 1 / 8 PN8112 Pin Definitions Table 1. Pin Definitions Pin Number 1,2 Pin Name GND 3 COMP 4 VCC 5,6 NC 7,8 SW Note: NC Pin can not be connected Pin Function


Ground Voltage feedback. By connecting a opto-coupler to close the control loop and achieve the regulation. Positiv [ … ]

PN8112 PDF File

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