PMM8713 – Universal Controller for Stepping Motor

PMM8713 Datasheet PDF learn more. It is Universal Controller.

Part number : PMM8713

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor

Package information : DIP 16 Pin type

Manufacturer : Sanyo Denki

Image :


The texts in the PDF file :

The universal controller PMM8713 for driving SANYO stepping motor is a C-MOS monolithic type IC designed for controlling stepping motors of three-phase and four-phase type. The Sanyo’s PMM8713 is designed to control either of 3 phase and 4 phase stepping motors in any mode of 1 phase excitation, 2 phase excitation or 1 – 2 phase excitation.

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1. Wider range of power supply voltage : Vdd = +4V ~ +18V
2. High ouput current : 20mA min for both sink and source
3. High noise margin : All input terminals have built-in schmitt circuit

PMM8713 PDF File