PDH10012 – (PDH10012 / PDH10016) THYRISTOR MODULE

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Part number : PDH10012

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (PDH10012 / PDH10016) THYRISTOR MODULE.

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Manufacturer : Nihon Inter Electronics

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PDH10012 Datasheet PDF

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THYRISTOR MODULE 100A / 1200 to 1600V PDT10012 PDH10012 PDT10016 PDH10016 FEATURES * Isolated Base * Dual Thyristors or Thyristor and Diode Cascaded Circuit * High Surge Capability * UL Recognized, File No. E187184 OUTLINE DRAWING PDT φ TYPICAL APPLICATIONS * Rectified For General Use PDH Maximum Ratings Parameter Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage Non Repetitive Peak Off-State Voltage Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Non Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage Approx Net Weight:155g Symbol VDRM VDSM VRRM VRSM Grade PDT/PDH10012 PDT/PDH10016 Unit V V 1200 1300 1200 1300 1600 1700 1600 1700 Max Rated Value Parameter Average Rectified Output Current RMS On-State Current Surge On-State Current I Squared t Critical Rate of Turned-On Current Peak Gate Power Average Gate Power Peak Gate Current Peak Gate Voltage Peak Gate Reverse Voltage Operating JunctionTemperature Range Storage Temperature Range Isoration Voltage Case mounting Mounting torque Terminals Value per 1 Arm IO(AV) IT(RMS) ITSM I2t di/dt PGM PG(AV) IGM VGM VRGM Tjw Tstg Viso Ftor Conditions 50Hz Half Sine Wave condition Tc=77°C 50 Hz Half Sine Wave,1Pulse Non-Repetitive 2msec to 10msec VD=2/3VDRM, ITM=2 IO, Tj=125°C IG=200mA, diG/dt=0.2A/µs • Unit A A A A2s A/µs 100 156 2000 20000 100 5 W 1 W 2 A 10 V 5 V -40 to +125 °C -40 to +125 °C Base Plate to Terminals, AC1min 2500 V M6 Screw 2.4 to 3.5 N•m M5 Screw 2.4 to 2.8 Electrical • Thermal Characteristics Characteristics Peak Off-State Current Peak Reverse Current Peak Forward Voltage Gate Current to Trigger Symbol IDM IRM VTM IGT Test Conditions VDM= VDRM, Tj= 125°C VRM= VRRM, Tj= 125°C ITM= 300A, Tj=25°C Tj=-40°C VD=6V,IT=1A Tj=25°C Tj=125°C Tj=-40°C VD=6V,IT=1A Tj=25°C Tj=125°C VD=2/3VDRM Tj=125°C VD=2/3VDRM Tj=125°C ITM=IO,VD=2/3VDRM dv/dt=20V/µs, VR=100V -di/dt=20A/µs, Tj=125°C VD=2/3VDRM Tj=125°C IG=200mA, diG/dt=0.2A/µs Maximum Value. Min. Typ. Max. 20 20 1.38 200 100 50 4 2.5 2 0.25 500 100 6 2 4 1 [ … ]

PDH10012 PDF File

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