PCR606 – Silicon Planar pnpn Thyristor

PCR606 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : PCR606

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Silicon Planar pnpn Thyristor.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : HAOCHANG

Image :

PCR606 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

SHENZHEN HAOCHANG SEMICONDUCTOR CO.,LTD. TO-92 Plastic-Encapsulate Thyristors PCR606 Silicon Planar pnpn Thyristor TO-92 MAIN FEATURES Symbol v IT(RMS) VDRM/VRRM PCR406 PCR606 TJ Junction Temperature Tstg Storage Temperature alue 0.6 400 600 -40 to 125 -40 to 150 unit A V ℃ ℃ 1.CATHODE 2.GATE 3.ANODE 123 DESCRIPTION Logic level sensitive gate triac intended to be interfaced directly to microcontrollers, logic integrated circuits and other low power gate trigger circuits. FEATURES z Blocking voltage to 400 V (PCR406) z RMS on-state current to 0.6 A z General purpose switching APPLICATIONS z General purpose switching z Phase control applications z Solid state relays. ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Tamb=25℃ unless otherwise specified) Parameter On state voltage Gate trigger voltage Repetitive peak off-state voltage Holding current Gate trigger current Symbol VTM VGT VDRM(PCR406) VDRM(PCR606) IH A2 A1 A-1 IGT A-2 A B Test c onditions ITM=0.6A VAK=7V IDRM= 10µA IHL= 20 [ … ]

PCR606 PDF File

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