Part number : NTP3000

Functions : 2.1 CHANNEL FULL DIGITAL AMPLIFIER, This is Semiconductor.

Manufacturer : NeoFidelity

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NTP3000 Datasheet PDF

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Power Integrated Processor for Digital Amplifier NTP3000 NTP3000 1CHIP 2.1CHANNELFULLDIGITALAMPLIFIER


Stereo (30W ⅹ 2) 2.1 channel (15Wⅹ2 + 30W) Wide Supply Voltage Range (7V~30V) Floating Point Operation 18 Programmable Biquad Filters Speaker Compensation DC cut, LPF, HPF Parametric Equalizer PWM Output for External Subwoofer 3D Surround 7 Band Graphic Equalizer 100 dB Dynamic Range Adaptive Loudness Compensator based on Psycho Acoustics Applications Plasma TV, LCD TV Docking Station Mini-Component Audio


NTP3000 is a single chip full digital audio amplifier including power stage for stereo or 2.1 channel amplifier system. NTP3000 is integrated with versatile digital audio signal processing functions, high-fidelity fully digital PWM modulator and two high-power full bridge MOSFET stages. NTP3000 receives 2-channel serial audio data with sampling frequency from 8 kHz to 192 kHz. It delivers 2x30W in stereo mode or 2x15W + 1x30W in 2.1 channel mode without heat sink. Combining use of built-in mixer and biquad filters can make additional preprocessing like bass management, loudness control, loudspeaker response compensation and preset parametric equalizers possible. All the functions of NTP3000 are set by I2C register configuration. Package 56 pin MLF 8mm by 8mm BST1A VDR1A /RESET AD VSS_IO CLK_I CLK_O VDD_IO DGNDPLL AGNDPLL LFM AVDDPLL DVDDPLL NC 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 NTP3000 42 NC 41 VDR2A 40 BST2A 39 PGND2A 38 PGND2A 37 OUT2A 36 OUT2A 35 PVDD2A 34 PVDD2A 33 PVDD2B 32 PVDD2B 31 OUT2B 30 OUT2B 29 PGND2B Figure 1 NTP3000 Pin Assignment NeoFidelity, Inc. #1009, Ace Twin Tower 2, 212-30, Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul 152-766 Korea, Phone +82-2-66751100, Fax +82-2-6675-1109, Email info@neofidelity.com, Web www.neofidelity.com Copyright © NeoFidelity, Inc. 2005 All rights Reserved. June, 2005 Disclaimer NeoFidelity, Inc. reserves the right to make changes without notice in the product described in this datasheet Copyright © Neo [ … ]

NTP3000 PDF File

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