NAN40-7615 – AC/DC power supplies

NAN40-7615 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : NAN40-7615

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, AC/DC power supplies.

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Manufacturer : Artesyn

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NAN40-7615 Datasheet PDF

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[ 2 YEAR WARRANTY ] NAL40 and NAN40 SERIES Single, dual and triple output • 5.0 x 3.0 x 1.2 inch package (1U applications) • Ideal for high volume designs • Industry standard package • Overvoltage and short circuit protection • 40W with free air convection • NAN40: EN55022, EN55011 conducted emissions level B • NAL40: EN55022, EN55011 conducted emissions level A The NAL40 and NAN40 series are 40W universal input AC/DC power supplies on a 5 x 3 inch card with a maximum component height of 1.2 inch for use in 1U applications. These series are available with a wide range of models in the industry standard 5 x 3 inch footprint at low cost making the series ideal for new and existing high volume communication and industrial applications. The difference between the NAL40 and NAN40 is their conducted emissions performance – the NAN40 meets EN55022 level B while the NAL40 meets level A. The NAL40 and NAN40 provide 40W of output power with free air convection cooling with a peak output of 50W for a maximum duration of 60 seconds. The NAL40 and NAN40 series are designed for use in high volume low power data networking, computer and telecom applications such as hubs, routers, POS terminals, cable modems and PABX’s. This list is not exclusive as the generic feature set of both series with industry standard output configurations provide a solution for most high volume applications including many industrial applications. SPECIFICATION All specifications are typical at nominal input, full load at 25°C unless otherwise stated OUTPUT SPECIFICATIONS Line regulation Main output Auxiliary outputs ±0.5% ±1.0% Total regulation Main output Auxiliary outputs ±3.0% ±5.0% Overshoot/undershoot At turn-on <10% Transient response +5.1V ±150mV max. dev., (1.5A to 3A step) 500µs recovery Temperature coefficient ±0.02%/°C Overvoltage protection +5.1V output 6.25V ±0.75Vout Output power limit Primary power limited 50W Pout, min. 110W Pin, max. Short c [ ... ]

NAN40-7615 PDF File

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