MP8126 – LNB-Power Supply and Control-Voltage Regulator

MP8126 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MP8126

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, LNB-Power Supply and Control-Voltage Regulator.

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Manufacturer : MPS

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MP8126 Datasheet PDF

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MP8126 550mA, 8V-to-14V Input, LNB-Power Supply and Control-Voltage Regulator The Future of Analog IC Technology DESCRIPTION The MP8126 is a voltage regulator designed to provide efficient, low-noise power to a satellite receiver’s RF LNB (Low Noise Block) converter. It connects using a coaxial cable through a link that is compatible with the European EUTELSAT specification (DiSEqC) 1.x that receives instructions from a dedicated controller. The MP8126 integrates a current-mode boost regulator followed by a tracking linear regulator. The boost regulator provides a clean and quiet power source that will not contaminate the lownoise RF signal as it is down-converted to the receiver. The tracking linear regulator protects the output against overloads or shorts. The MP8126 provides a number of features described in the DiSEqC, including voltage selection of horizontal or vertical LNB polarization directions, and selectable VOUT compensation for substantial voltage drops on long coaxial cable. In accordance with DiSEqC, the part can detect a 22kHz signal and output a shaped signal. The MP8126 is available in a thermallyenhanced TSSOP16EP and 24-pin QFN (4X4mm) packages. FEATURES • • • • • • • • • • • • • DiSEqC 1.x Compatibility Up to 550mA Output Current Programmable Current Limit 8V-to-14V Input Voltage Boost Converter with Internal Switch Low-Noise LDO Output Built-In 22kHz Signal Shaper 1V Line-Drop Compensator Adjustable Soft-Start Time POK Indicator Short-Circuit Protection Over-Temperature Protection TSSOP16 Exposed Pad and 24-pin QFN (4X4mm) Packages LNB Power Supply and Control for Satellite Set Top Boxes APPLICATIONS • All MPS parts are lead-free and adhere to the RoHS directive. For MPS green status, please visit the MPS website under Products, Quality Assurance. “MPS” and “The Future of Analog IC Technology” are Registered Trademarks of Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. TYPICAL APPLICATION MP8126 Rev. 1.03 3/28/2014 w [ … ]

MP8126 PDF File

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