MLX81215 – (MLX81205 – MLX81215) BLDC Motor Controller

MLX81215 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : MLX81215

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, (MLX81205 – MLX81215) BLDC Motor Controller.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Melexis

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MLX81215 Datasheet PDF

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Microcontroller: MLX16-FX RISC CPU o o o o 16 bit RISC CPU with 20DMIPS and Power-Saving-Modes Co-processor for fast multiplication and division Flash and EEPROM memory with EEC In-circuit debug and emulation Supported bus interfaces: o o o o LIN-Interface with integrated LIN transceiver supporting LIN 2.x, certified LIN protocol software provided by Melexis In-Module-Programming (Flash and EE) via pin LIN using a special Melexis fast protocol PWM-Interface Full duplex SPI, Master/Slave, double-buffered, speed programmable. DMA access. Flash and EEPROM programming also possible via SPI. TruSense Motor Control Technology o o o o o Patented algorithms for sensor-less 3-phase sine and trapezoidal motor control Phase voltage integration filter for BEMF voltage sensing at lowest speeds Position dependent phase inductance sensing via shunt current measurements at stand still and low to medium speeds Support of Star and Delta based motor configurations without the need for center star point Support of 3-phase switched reluctance motor control Voltage Regulator o o o o Direct powered from 12V board net with low voltage detection Operating voltage VS = 5V to 18V Internal voltage regulator with possibility to use external regulator transistor Very low standby current, < 30µA in sleep mode, wake-up possible via LIN or local sources Pre-Driver o o Pre-driver (~25Ω Rdson) for all 3 N-FET half bridges with programmable Inter-Lock-Delay and slope control for optimal EMC and thermal performance during power N-FET switching Monitoring of Drain-Source voltages of the N-FETs Periphery o o o o o o o o o 4 independent 16 bit timer modules with capture and compare, and additional software timer 3 programmable 12 bit PWM units with programmable frequencies 10 bit ADC converter (2µs conversion time) and DMA access On-chip temperature sensor with ±10K accuracy System-clock-independent fully integrated watchdog 32 MHz ±5% internal RC oscillator wit [ ... ]

MLX81215 PDF File

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