MKP62 – Box-type Metallized Polypropylene Film Interference Suppression Capacitor

Part number : MKP62

Functions : Box-type Metallized Polypropylene Film Interference Suppression Capacitor, This is Semiconductor.

Manufacturer : Xiamen Faratronic

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MKP62 Datasheet PDF

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RoHS Compliant SPECIFICATION FOR APPROVAL File No.: Q/FRK 0.GS.E.C42-X02 Product Name Product Type Product Code Customer Customer Code Issue Date Box-type Metallized Polypropylene Film Interference Suppression Capacitor (Class X2) C42(MKP62 Series) 2009-05 ® Xiamen Faratronic Co. Ltd. Add: No.101 Jin Qiao Road, Xiamen, China Export business 0086-592-5331011 5331006 0086-592-5114026 TEL: FAX: Mail: Http: Domestic business 0592-5331016 5335320 0592-5114027 *.The specification are the property of Xiamen Faratronic Co.Ltd and shall not be copied or used as commercial purposes without permission. Page 1 of 12 ® C42 MKP62 Series Metallized polypropylene film interference suppression capacitor (Class X2, 275Vac/305Vac) ■Outline Drawing Note: There are two kind of the insulated lead wire: 1. Insulated rigid leads; 2. Insulated flexible leads. W±0.4mm, H±0.4mm, T±0.4mm Lead Wire Insulated Lead Wire(P≥10mm) Lead Wire Dia. Insulated Lead Wire Gauge 0.6 AWG22 0.8 AWG20 1.0 AWG18 ■


● metallized polypropylene structure ● Withstanding overvoltage stressing ● Plastic case (UL94 V-0), Epoxy resin sealing. ● Widely used in interference suppression circuit ■ Safety Approvals ● ● CQC GB/T 14472-1998, 275/305VAC,0.0010μF∼10.0μF Certificate No.: CQC03001002875 EN 60384-14:2005, 275/305VAC,0.0010μF∼10.0μF Certificate No.: 40000358 UL1414 CSA C22.2 No.1, 250 VAC, 0.001μF to 1.0μF Certificate No.: E186600 ENEC-VDE ● UL-CUL UL1283 CSA C22.2 No.8, 310 VAC, 0.001μF to 10.0μF Certificate No.: E186662 ● CB TEST CERTIFICATE IEC 60384-14:2005 X2, 275/305 VAC, 0.001μF~10.0μF, 40/110/56/B Certificate No.: DE1–12559/M2, DE1-40344 ■ Specifications Climatic Category/Passive Flammablility Class Operating teperature range Class Rated Voltage (UR) Capacitance Range 40/110/56/B -40℃ ~ +110℃ [ … ]

MKP62 PDF File

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