MIP9E01 – Power Units

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Part number : MIP9E01

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Power Units.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Panasonic

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MIP9E01 Datasheet PDF

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High efficiency, reduced dimension and space for power circuits of household appliances Power Units with Built-in Non-insulated Power Supply IPD MIP9E×× Series „ Overview Power unit MIP9E×× series are modules for non-insulated power supplies, carrying power MOSFET for switching devices, its control circuits, and circuits detecting output voltage. This enables high power and efficiency of power supply as well as reduced dimension and space of power circuits by using less components and smaller packages. „ Feature • Supports worldwide input (80 to 264VAC), achieving high efficiency in no load to rated load. • Controls characteristic change of output voltage affected by ambient temperature. • Built-in overheat protection circuit with DRAIN peak current control function. • Supports positive/negative-polarity output and multiple output. „ Applications Washing machines, electric carpets, refrigerators, fan motors, vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, boilers, IH cooking heaters, electric pots, and lighting „ Specifications Part Number MIP9E01 MIP9E02 VDSS ≥700V Control system Intermittent + PWM Output current 450 mA 250 mA Package SDIP10-A1(CF) (DIP-8 Equivalent) Products and specifications are subject to change without notice. Please ask for the latest Product Standards to guarantee the satisfaction of your product requirements. New publication, effective from 1 Mar. 2006 M00699BE , 1 Kotari-yakemachi, Nagaokakyo, Kyoto 617-8520, Japan Tel. +81-75-951-8151 http://panasonic.co.jp/semicon „ Example of Application Circuit D1 R1 DRAIN VOUT VO1 R3 GND R2 OUTPUT ZNR C1 C2 MIP9E0X L1 SOURCE FB BY VCC C3 C4 R4 C5 D2 C6 RETURN A) Step-down chopper-type non-insulated power supply circuit (Half-wave rectifier/positive output) CY L2 LINE F1 L1 D1 CIN RSB CSB DSB T1 D2 COUT1 COUT2 OUT1 RETURN L3 OUT2 D3 COUT3 COUT4 RETURN NTRL C1 SOURCE CBY BY CFB FB MIP9E0X RFB CVCC VCC DRAIN VOUT VO1 GND R1 R2 (b) Transformer-style non-ins [ … ]

MIP9E01 PDF File

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