MIP2K20MS – Silicon MOS FET type integrated circuit

Part number : MIP2K20MS

Functions : Silicon MOS FET type integrated circuit, This is Semiconductor.

Manufacturer : Panasonic

Image :

MIP2K20MS Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

MIP2K20MS Silicon MOS FET type integrated circuit 


 Built-in jitter function  Built-in charge protection circuit Built-in overheating, loadshorting and overvoltage protection circuits  Package  Code DIP7-A1  Pin Name 1. VDD 2. FB 3. CL 4. VCC  Applications  Chargers (for DSC, etc.)  AC adapter 5. DRAIN 6.  7. SOURCE 8. SOURCE  Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25°C±3°C Parameter DRAIN voltage VCC voltage VDD voltage Feedback voltage Feedback current CL pin voltage CL pin current Output peak current * Channel temperature Storage temperature Symbol VD VCC VDD VFB IFB VCL ICL IDP Tch Tstg Rating – 0.3 to +700 – 0.3 to +45 – 0.3 to +8 – 0.3 to +8 500 – 0.3 to +8 150 0.95 150 -55 to +150 Unit V V mA A °C °C  Marking Symbol: MIP2K2 Note) *: The guarantee within the following pulse width. Leading edge blanking delay + Current limit delay ton(BLK) + td(OCL)  Block Diagram VCC VCC UV VDD Constant current resource Regulator DRAIN VCC(ON) VCC OVP VCC(OV) Oscillator with Jitter ILIMIT variable circuit Overheat protection Restart trigger VDD S R Q Q VDD UV Gate driver Power MOSFET CL IN ICL_LOW VCL_OUT FB MAXDC fosc(L) CLOCK S R ILIMIT compensation Q Q Blanking pulse generation circuit in on-state Light load detection For intermittent Oscillation control VCL Clamp circuit (ILIMIT setting) Drain current for detection SOURCE Publication date: October 2010 Ver. AEF 1 MIP2K20MS  Electrical Characteristics TC = 25°C±2°C Parameter Control functions fosc Output frequency fosc(L) Jitter frequency deviation Jitter frequency modulation rate Maximum duty cycle VDD voltage UV lockout threshold voltage VCC start voltage VCC charge stop threshold voltage Feedback threshold voltage Feedback hysteresis current FB pin current at heavy load FB pin voltage Supply current Supply current at light load Supply current at heavy load ∆f fM MAXDC VDD VUV VCC(ON) VCC1 IFB1 IFBHYS IFB0 VFB ICC ICC(OFF) ICC0 Ich1 VDD [ … ]


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