MIP0221SY – Silicon MOS IC

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Part number : MIP0221SY

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Silicon MOS IC.

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Manufacturer : Panasonic Semiconductor

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MIP0221SY Datasheet PDF

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Intelligent Power Devices (IPDs) MIP0221SY, MIP0222SY, MIP0223SY, MIP0224SY, MIP0225SY, MIP0226SY, MIP0227SY Silicon MOS IC s


q Single chip IC with high breakdown voltage power MOS FET and CMOS control circuits q Allowing to input worldwide mains (AC 85 to 274V) q A pulse-by-pulse overcurrent protection circuit and a timer autorestart circuit are integrated. unit: mm 10.5±0.5 4.5±0.2 2.8±0.2 1.5±0.2 9.5±0.2 8.0±0.2 6.8±0.1 1.4±0.1 q Switching power supply (to 90W) q AC adaptor q Battery charger 15.4±0.3 4.2±0.3 φ3.7±0.1 1.4±0.1 13.5±0.5 Solder Dip 2.5±0.2 Parameter Drain voltage Control voltage Symbol VD VC Ratings 700 8 MIP0221SY 0.3 Unit V V 2.54±0.3 5.08±0.5 9.3 s Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25 ± 3°C) 0.8±0.1 0.6±0.1 MIP0222SY 0.585 MIP0223SY 1.15 Output current ID MIP0224SY 1.72 MIP0225SY MIP0226SY MIP0227SY Control current Channel temperature Storage temperature IC Tch Tstg 0.1 150 −55 to +150 2.4 2.9 3.5 mA °C °C A 1 2 3 1: Control 2: Source 3: Drain EIAJ: SC-46 TO-220 Type Package (a) s Block Diagram Auto-restart Control pin Shunt regulator + 5.7V 4.7V Shutdown/Auto-restart Power supply for internal circuit 1/2 1/2 Auto-restart current-source 1/2 Drain pin + – Ron X ID Timer auto-restart circuit + Power MOS FET Q PWM control current Thermal shutdown circuit S Restarting trigger circuit R Q Max Duty Clock Sawtooth + S R Q Q Leading edge blanking RE Low pass filter Minimum ON-time delay circuit Source pin 2.8±0.2 s Applications 1 Intelligent Power Devices (IPDs) s Electrical Characteristics (TC = 25 ± 2°C) Parameter Output frequency Control functions Maximum duty cycle Minimum duty cycle Control pin charging current Auto-restart threshold voltage Auto-restart Lockout threshold voltage Auto-restart hysteresis voltage Auto-restart duty cycle Auto-restart frequency MIP0221SY MIP0222SY Self-protection current limit Circuit protection MIP0223SY MIP0224SY ILIMIT MIP0225SY MIP0226SY MIP0227 [ … ]

MIP0221SY PDF File

Information related to components

MIP0221SY -

Panasonic Semiconductor

MIP0221SY - Panasonic

Panasonic Semiconductor

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Hirose Electric

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