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Part number : M81738FP

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, HIGH VOLTAGE HALF BRIDGE DRIVER.

Pin arrangement :

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Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor

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M81738FP Datasheet PDF

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PRELIMINARY < HVIC > M81738FP 1200V HIGH VOLTAGE HALF BRIDGE DRIVER DESCRIPTION M81738FP is 1200V high voltage Power MOSFET and IGBT module driver for half bridge applications. FEATURES ●Floating supply voltage up to 1200V ● Low quiescent power supply current ● Separate sink and source current output up to ±1A (typ) ● Active Miller effect clamp NMOS with sink current up to 1A (typ) ● Input noise filters (HIN,LIN,FO_RST,FO) ● Over-current detection and output shutdown ● High side under voltage lockout ● FO pin which can input and output Fault signals to communicate with controllers and synchronize the shut down with other phases ● Active clamp (power supply surge clamp) ● 24pin SSOP-Lead package APPLICATIONS Power MOSFET and IGBT gate driver for Inverter or general purpose. BLOCK DIAGRAM www.DataSheet.net/ PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) NC NC VB HPOUT HNOUT1 HNOUT2 VS NC NC NC NC NC NC HIN LIN FO_RST CIN GND FO VCC LPOUT LNOUT1 LNOUT2 VNO Outline:24P2Q VB Active Clamp Active Clamp HV Levelshift UV+POR HPOUT VregVCC Levelshift Logic Filter HNOUT HNOU GND VS HIN Interlock Noise Filter Delay Oneshot Pulse VCC Vreg Vreg VC C Vreg1 LIN Delay POR VregVCC Levelshift LPOU LNOU LNOU CIN Vreg1 Filter Protection Logic V NO VregVCC Levelshift FO_RST Filter Filter FO Publication Date : Jan 2012 1 Datasheet pdf – http://.co.kr/ PRELIMINARY M81738FP 1200V HIGH VOLTAGE HALF BRIDGE DRIVER ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS Absolute maximum ratings indicate limitation beyond which destruction of device may occur. All voltage parameters are absolute voltage reference to GND unless otherwise specified. Symbol VB VS VBS VHO VCC VNO VLO VIN VFO VCIN dVS/dt Pd K Rth(j-a) Tj Topr Tstg Parameter High side floating supply absolute voltage High side floating supply offset voltage High side floating supply voltage High side output voltage Low side fixed supply voltage Power ground Low side output voltage Logic input voltage FO input/o [ … ]

M81738FP PDF File

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