M75N06HD – Power MOSFET

M75N06HD Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : M75N06HD

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Power MOSFET.

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Manufacturer : ON Semiconductor

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M75N06HD Datasheet PDF

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MTP75N06HD Preferred Device Power MOSFET 75 A, 60 V, N−Channel, TO−220 This Power MOSFET is designed to withstand high energy in the avalanche and commutation modes. The energy efficient design also offers a drain−to−source diode with a fast recovery time. Designed for low−voltage, high−speed switching applications in power supplies, converters and PWM motor controls, and inductive loads. The avalanche energy capability is specified to eliminate the guesswork in designs where inductive loads are switched, and to offer additional safety margin against unexpected voltage transients. • Diode is Characterized for Use in Bridge Circuits • IDSS and VDS(on) Specified at Elevated Temperature • Avalanche Energy Specified MAXIMUM RATINGS (TC = 25°C unless otherwise noted) Rating Symbol Value Unit Drain−Source Voltage Drain−Gate Voltage (RGS = 1.0 MW) Gate−Source Voltage − Continuous Gate−Source Voltage − Single Pulse VDSS VDGR VGS 60 60 ± 20 ± 30 Vdc Vdc Vdc Vpk Drain Current − Continuous Drain Current − Continuous @ 100°C Drain Current − Single Pulse (tp ≤ 10 ms) Total Power Dissipation Derate above 25°C ID 75 Adc ID 50 IDM 225 Apk PD 150 W 1.0 W/°C Operating and Storage Temperature Range TJ, Tstg −55 to 175 °C Single Pulse Drain−to−Source Avalanche Energy − Starting TJ = 25°C (VDD = 25 Vdc, VGS = 10 Vdc, IL = 75 Apk, L = 0.177 mH, RG = 25 W) Thermal Resistance − Junction−to−Case − Junction−to−Ambient EAS RqJC RqJA 500 mJ °C/W 1.0 62.5 Maximum Lead Temperature for Soldering Purposes, 1/8″ from case for 10 seconds TL 260 °C Maximum ratings are those values beyond which device damage can occur. Maximum ratings applied to the device are individual stress limit values (not normal operating conditions) and are not valid simultaneously. If these limits are exceeded, device functional operation is not implied, damage may occur and reliability may be affected. http://onsemi.com 75 AMPERES 60 [ … ]

M75N06HD PDF File

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