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Part number : M62021FP

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SYSTEM RESET IC WITH SWITCH FOR MEMORY BACK-UP.

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Manufacturer : Mitsubishi

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M62021FP Datasheet PDF

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MITSUBISHI M62021L,P,FP SYSTEM RESET IC WITH SWITCH FOR MEMORY BACK-UP DESCRIPTION The M62021 is a system IC that controls the memory backup function of SRAM and microcomputer (internal RAM). The IC outputs reset signals(RES/RES) to a microcomputer at power-down and power failure.It also shifts the power supply to RAM from main to backup,outputs a signal (CS) that invokes standby mode,and alters RAM to backup circuit mode. The M62021 contains,in a single chip,power supply monitor and RAM backup functions needed for a microcomputer system,so that the IC makes it possible to construct a system easily and with fewer components compared with a conventional case that uses individual ICs and discrete components. PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 CS RES GND RES Ct(DELAY CAPACITANCE) VIN VBAT VOUT FEATURES •Built-in switch for selection between main power supply and backup power supply to RAM. •Small difference between input and output voltage (IOUT=80mA,VIN=5V)0.2V typ •Detection voltage (power supply monitor voltage)4.40V±0.2V •Chip select signal output(CS) Two channels of reset outputs(RES/RES) •Power on reset circuit built-in •Delay time variable by an external capacitance connected to Ct pin •Facilitates to form backup function with a few number of components VOUT VBAT VIN Ct(DELAY CAPACITANCE) Outline 8P5(L) 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 CS RES GND RES Outline 8P4(P) 8P2S-A(FP) APPLICATION Power supply control systems for memory backup of microcomputer system and SRAM boards with built-in backup function that require switching between external power supply and battery. BLOCK DIAGRAM SW VIN 3 R1 D1 1 + 1.24V Com RESET CIRCUIT VOUT VBAT CS 2 8 R2 RES RES 7 5 DELAY CIRCUIT 4 Ct 6 GND MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC ( 1 / 9 ) MITSUBISHI M62021L,P,FP SYSTEM RESET IC WITH SWITCH FOR MEMORY BACK-UP ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS(Ta=25°C, unless otherwise noted) Symbol VIN IOUT Pd K Topr Tstg Parameter Input voltage O [ … ]

M62021FP PDF File

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