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Part number : M54583FP

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 8 UNIT 400MA DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR ARRAY.

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Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Electric

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M54583FP Datasheet PDF

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POWEREX MITSUBISHI SEMICONDUCTOR M54583P/FP 8-UNIT 400mA DARLINGTON TRANSISTOR ARRAY PIN CONFIGURATION (TOP VIEW) DESCRIPTION M54583P and M54583FP are eight-circuit collector-currentsynchronized Darlington transistor arrays. The circuits are made of PNP and NPN transistors. Both the semiconductor integrated circuits perform high-current driving with extremely low input-current supply. M54583P IN1→ 1 IN2→ 2 IN3→ 3 INPUT IN4→ 4 IN5→ 5 IN6→ 6 18 →O1 17 →O2 16 →O3 15 →O4 14 →O5 13 →O6 12 →O7 11 →O8 10 VCC OUTPUT FEATURES q High breakdown voltage (BVCEO ≥ 50V) q High-current driving (Ic(max) = 400mA) q Active L-level input q With input clamping diodes q Wide operating temperature range (Ta = –20 to +75 °C) IN7→ 7 IN8→ 8 GND 9 Outline 18P4G M54583FP APPLICATION Interfaces between microcomputers and high-voltage, highcurrent drive systems, drives of relays and printers, and MOS-bipolar logic IC interfaces INPUT NC 1 20 NC IN1→ 2 IN2→ 3 IN3→ 4 IN4→ 5 IN5→ 6 IN6→ 7 19 →O1 18 →O2 17 →O3 16 →O4 15 →O5 14 →O6 13 →O7 12 →O8 11 OUTPUT FUNCTION The M54583 is produced by adding PNP transistors to M54523 inputs. Eight circuits having active L-level inputs are provided. Resistance of 7kΩ and diode are provided in series between each input and PNP transistor base. The input diode is intended to prevent the flow of current from the input to the V CC. Without this diode, the current flow from “H” input to the V CC and the “L” input circuits is activated, in such case where one of the inputs of the 8 circuits is “H” and the others are “L” to save power consumption. The diode is inserted to prevent such misoperation. This device is most suitable for a driver using NMOS IC output especially for the driver of current sink. Collector current is 400mA maximum. Collector-emitter supply voltage is 50V. The 54583FP is enclosed in a molded small flat package, enab [ … ]

M54583FP PDF File

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