M12JZ47 – SM12JZ47

M12JZ47 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : M12JZ47

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, SM12JZ47.

Pin arrangement :

Package information :

Manufacturer : Toshiba Semiconductor

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M12JZ47 Datasheet PDF

The texts in the PDF file :

SM12GZ47,SM12JZ47,SM12GZ47A,SM12JZ47A TOSHIBA BI−DIRECTIONAL TRIODE THYRISTOR SILICON PLANAR TYPE SM12GZ47,SM12JZ47,SM12GZ47A,SM12JZ47A AC POWER CONTROL APPLICATIONS Unit: mm l Repetitive Peak off−State Voltage l R.M.S On−State Current l High Commutating (dv / dt) l Isolation Voltage : VIsol = 1500V AC : VDRM = 400, 600V : IT (RMS) = 12A MAXIMUM RATINGS CHARACTERISTIC Repetitive Peak Off−State Voltage and Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage SM12GZ47 SM12GZ47A SM12JZ47 SM12JZ47A SYMBOL RATING 400 VDRM 600 IT (RMS) ITSM I t di / dt PGM PG (AV) VFGM IGM Tj Tstg VIsol 2 UNIT V R. M. S. On−tate Current (Full Sine Waveform TC = 72°C) Peak One Cylce Surge On−State Current (Non−Repetitive) I t Limit Value Critical Rate of Rise of On-State Current (Note 1) Peak Gate Power Dissipation Average Gate Power Dissipation Peak Gate Voltage Peak Gate Current Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Isolation Voltage (AC, t = 1min.) 2 12 120 (50Hz) 132 (60Hz) 72 50 5 0.5 10 2 −40~125 −40~125 1500 A A A s A / µs W W V A °C °C V 2 JEDEC JEITA TOSHIBA Weight: 1.7g ― ― 13−10H1A Note 1: di / dt test condition VDRM = 0.5 × Rated ITM ≤ 17A tgw ≥ 10µs tgr ≤ 250ns igp = IGT × 2.0 1 2001-07-10 SM12GZ47,SM12JZ47,SM12GZ47A,SM12JZ47A ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (Ta = 25°C) CHARACTERISTIC Repetitive Peak Off−State Current I Gate Trigger Voltage II III IV I SM12GZ47 SM12JZ47 Gate Trigger Current SM12GZ47A SM12JZ47A II III IV I II III IV Peak On−State Voltage Gate Non−Trigger Voltage Holding Current Thermal Resistance Critical Rate of Rise of Off−State Voltage Critical Rate of Rise of Off−State Voltage at Commutation SM12GZ47 SM12JZ47 SM12GZ47A SM12JZ47A SM12GZ47 SM12JZ47 SM12GZ47A SM12JZ47A VTM VGD IH Rth (j−c) ITM = 17A VD = Rated, Tc = 125°C VD = 12V, ITM = 1A Junction to Case, AC VDRM = Rated, Tj = 125°C Exponential Rise IGT VD = 12V, RL = 20Ω VGT VD = 12V, RL = 20Ω SYMBOL IDRM TEST CO [ … ]

M12JZ47 PDF File

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