LX1697 – High Performance CCFL Controller

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Part number : LX1697

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, High Performance CCFL Controller.

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Manufacturer : Microsemi Corporation

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LX1697 Datasheet PDF

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TM ® LX1697 High Performance CCFL Controller P RODUCTION D ATA S HEET DESCRIPTION KEY FEATURES ƒ 7 to 25 Volts Wide Input Voltage Range ƒ Resistor Programmable Lamp Operating Frequency within ±3% Tolerance ƒ Resistor Programmable Burst Operating Frequency ƒ Support IntelTM DPST for System PWM input ƒ Compatible with Microsemi’s new SMBus CCFL controllers ƒ Fully Programmable Open Lamp and Load Fault Time Outs ƒ On Chip Full Wave Rectifiers for Lamp Voltage and Current ƒ Cost Effective and Low Parts Count Inverter Modules ƒ Uses Industry Standard High Voltage Transformers WWW . Microsemi . C OM The LX1697 is a high performance CCFL controller optimized for wide input voltage range notebook display back lighting applications. Its brightness control architecture supports Intel’s DPST (Display Power Saving Technology) that adjusts the brightness as a function of video content. Digital Dimming duty cycle is controlled by providing either a dc voltage or a digital PWM signal to the BRITE_D pin. Burst frequency can be controlled either by the on chip burst oscillator or directly by a low frequency PWM logic signal at BRITE_D. The LX1697 includes a built in 5.1V regulator so it can be operated directly from the battery without the need of an external 5V supply from the system. The controller’s power stage consists of direct coupled full bridge high voltage drivers for the external N-channel high side and Nchannel low side power FETs. The LX1697 includes lamp current and open lamp voltage regulation, fully programmable lamp frequency and burst dimming frequency oscillators, and our patented fool-proof lamp strike circuitry. Additional features comprise an enable input, under-voltage lockout, analog programmable open lamp strike timeout, over voltage, and short circuit fault detection. The LX1697 can also be used with Microsemi’s LX1801 SMBus controller to provide a completely digital interfaced backlight control system. The LX1697 i [ … ]

LX1697 PDF File

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