LM4558 Datasheet PDF learn more.

Part number : LM4558

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, DUAL OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS.

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Manufacturer : HTC

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LM4558 Datasheet PDF

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DUAL OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS FEATURES ● ● ● ● ● ● ● No frequency Compensation Required No latch-up Large common mode and differential voltage range Parameter tracking over temperature range Gain and phase match between amplifiers Internally frequency compensated Low noise input transistors LM4558 SOP8/ DIP8 PKG Out 1 2 A B + + – 8 7 – 6 Vcc IN1(-) Out2 IN2 (-) IN2 (+) IN1 (+) 3 Gnd 4 5 ORDERING INFORMATION Device LM4558D LM4558N Package 8 SOP 8 DIP DESCRIPTIONS The LM4558 devices is a monolithic integrated circuit designed for dual operational amplifier. The high common-mode input voltage range and the absence of latch-up make these amplifiers ideal for voltage-follower applications. The devices are short-circuit protected and the internal frequency compen -sation ensures stability without external components. The LM4558 is characterized for operation from 0oC TO 70oC. SCHEMATIC (EACH AMPLIFIER) Vcc+ ININ+ OUT Vcc- HTC 149 DUAL OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS Absolute maximum ratings over operating free-air temperature range. LM4558 Supply Voltage Differential Input Voltage Input Voltage Duration of output short circuit to ground, one amplifier at a time VCC VI(DIFF) VI Tstg ± 22 ±30 ±15 Unlimited -65 to 150 LM4558 UNIT V V V o Short temperature range C Recommended operating conditions Supply voltage Operating free-air temperature, T A Vcc+ VccLM4558 MIN 5 -5 0 MAX 15 -15 70 UNIT V o C Electrical characterisitics at specified free-air temperature, V PARAMETER VIO Input Offset Voltage V01/V02 Crosstalk attenuation IIO Input Offset Current rJ IIB Input Bias Current VICR Common-Mode Input Voltage range Open AVD=100 VO=0 VO=0 TEST CONDITIONS* CC = 15V(unless otherwise noted) MIN LM4558 TYP 0.5 MAX 5 6 85 100 5 200 500 UNIT ㎷ 25℃ Full Range RS=100 Ω f=1kHz 25℃ 25℃ Full Range 25℃ 25℃ Full Range 25℃ ±12 ±12 ㎁ MΩ Input resistance VO=0 0 5 140 500 1500 ㎁ V ±14 ±14 ±13 VOM Maximum output [ … ]

LM4558 PDF File

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