LB565 – Micro-Polar

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Part number : LB565

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, Micro-Polar.

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Manufacturer : BerThoLD

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LB565 Datasheet PDF

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measured by microwaves Micro-Polar Brix™ LB 565 / P r o c e s s Concentration Dry SubstanceBrix-content C o n t r o l Micro-Polar Brix LB 565 An important parameter for the extraction of sugar is the concentration of the sugar massecuite. Measurement of the dry substance content, usually represented as Brix is absolutely essential in order to optimize, control and improve the ­ sugar quality. Based on more than 60 years of experience in pro­ ­ cess control, BERTHOLD TECHNOLOGIES provides ­ products, which exactly match the requirements and expec­ tations of ­ sugar producing customers. We offer specially designed microwave sensors for measurements in product pipelines, dissolved sugar containers, ­ crystallizers and at other process loca­ tions. The Micro-Polar Brix provides accurate, reliable on-line concentration ­ measurements of the sugar magma over the entire process. Evaluation unit Probe without flushing device High-frequency quad cable Concentration measurement on a crystallizer Measuring Arrangement The pan probe is fastened to the assembly flange of the crystallizer and/or integrated into the existing pipeline. The probe is connected to the evaluation unit by a high frequency multi-care cable up to a distance of 10 m. The reference line integrated in this cable ­ provides drift compensation. The pre-calibrated Micro-Polar Brix supplies very exact measurement values after a simple start-up and automatic reference calibration. The final calibration is ­ automatic and graphic displays of results are provided. In a crystallization process samples may be taken before or after the seed point and the system stores a record of each sample. 2 / Measuring ­­­­ Principle Microwaves penetrate the product to be measured, causing free water molecules to rotate, resulting in phase shift and an attenuation of the transmitted microwaves. Micro-Polar Brix uses [ … ]

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