LA4182 – 2.3 W 2-Channel AF Power Amplifier

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Part number : LA4182

Functions : This is a kind of semiconductor, 2.3 W 2-Channel AF Power Amplifier.

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Manufacturer : Sanyo Semicon Device

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LA4182 Datasheet PDF

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Ordering number: EN742G Monolithic Linear IC LA4182 2.3 W 2-Channel AF Power Amplifier


Package Dimensions unit : mm . Built-in 2 channels enabling use in stereo and bridge applications. . amplifier High output: 2.3 W/channel, V = 9 V, R = 4 Ω, and W/bridge, R = 8 Ω. . 4.7 Minimum number of external parts required : 9 pcs. min. . (Stereo/bridge). Small pop noise at the time of power supply ON/OFF due to muting circuit. . built-in Good ripple rejection ratio due to built-in ripple filter. . Soft tone at the time of output saturation. . Good channel separation. . Voltage gain fixed at 45 dB (Bridge: 51 dB). Variable gain available with external resistor added. . voltage Easy to design radiator fin. CC L L 3022A-DIP12F [LA4182] SANYO : DIP12F Note) In general applications, heat generated in this package can be radiated through the Cu-foiled area of the printed circuit board, but since power dissipation Pd may be increased depending on the supply voltage and load conditions, it is recommended to use a fin additionally. Specifications Maximum Ratings at Ta = 25°C Parameter Maximum supply voltage Allowable power dissipation Operating temperature Storage temperature Symbol VCC max Pd max Topr Tstg With signal Quiescent With printed circuit board (Refer to Pd-Ta characteristics) Conditions Ratings 11 15 4 −20 to +75 −55 to +150 Unit V V W °C °C Recommended Operating Conditions at Ta = 25°C Parameter Supply voltage Load resitance Symbol VCC RL Stereo Bridge Conditions Ratings 9 4 to 8 8 Unit V Ω Ω SANYO Electric Co.,Ltd. Semiconductor Bussiness Headquarters TOKYO OFFICE Tokyo Bldg., 1-10, 1 Chome, Ueno, Taito-ku, TOKYO, 110 JAPAN 41596HA(II)/O207KI/2146KI/4025KI/O291KI,TS No.742-1/9 LA4182 Operating Characteristics at Ta = 25°C, VCC = 9 V, f = 1 kHz, RL = 4 Ω, Rg = 600 Ω, ( See specified Test Circuit. Parameter Quiescent current Voltage gain Voltage gain difference Output power Total harmonic distortion Input resis [ … ]

LA4182 PDF File

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